● 1. Please do not purchase any phones or gadgets from any unauthorized stores, looted items are traceable. Don’t buy any cheap items, it might be some of those looted items.

● 2. Do not employ any one as security guards or any such jobs right now. This is not the best time for it. Remember there was cell/prison break during the uprising.

● 3. The police officers are not the happiest people right now, Please be friendly with them and treat them as kindly as possible.

● 4. Guns have been stolen from the police stations across the state, there is a likelihood of increased in crimes across the state. Do not be careless, rather be watchful and stay alert.

● 5. This is not the best time to live large and show off on the streets, you don’t know who’s watching you.

● 6. Let members of your family/friends know your whereabout always.

● 7. Do not keep late nights. Endeavor to find your way home as much as possible before it gets dark.

● 8. Be nice to everyone around you, but be careful not to allow unnecessary closeness.


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