Success is easier that watching game of thrones. Find out why.

If you are in your 20s and you still live with your parents and your parents still pay your bills, this is for you.

I know you saw my headline – just kidding. Success is not easier that watching game of throne. đŸ˜‚

A lot of people are afraid of the path to success. It is a painful journey especially when you are starting from nothing but the question is – can you walk that path?

The thing you will do that will guarantee your success is to BEND AND DO THE WORK. The work is the hardest path.

Elon Musk worked minimum of 100 hours a week when starting his company so did Steve Jobs. You have to be obsessed with your work to the point where you can’t stop working.

All the successful men and women where not sitting with their broke friends watching game of thrones. They went into isolation from friends and worked.

Be in connection with God and isolation from distraction and you will prosper.

Published by Ernest I.

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