7 Problems you expose yourself to while always staying indoor.

A lot of people stay indoors for long hours of the day repeatedly and hardly go outside at all , hence it has become a habit for them not knowing that is detrimental to their body and well being .

It’s sad that many people see it as a normal thing without thinking about the consequences at all . Here are some of the problems you expose yourself to by staying indoors always :

1Your immune system crashes: staying indoors has a negative effect on your immune system and causes you to feel weak all the time because you are not being exposed to proper lighting .

You end up increasing your chance of being depressed: staying indoors equals being overthinking which in turn makes you to become depressed because that is what overthinking causes .

3An increase in heart rate can lead to diabolical consequences in the long run: while staying inside , your heart increases and this is not good for the long run as you have tendency to develop heart problems in the future

4. You will always be fatigued : you will be feeling tired Everytime and cannot perform basic tasks if you always stay inside and this can make you become tired not being able to perform basic tasks

Expose you to future Spine Problems : staying inside means you have to be sitting down always and this means that you are exposing your spine to health issues because sitting too much is bad for the back

6 it fuels anxiety and causes poor social skills : when you stay inside too much and you don’t interact enough with people you will have poor social skills whenever you go out and it can fuel anxiety for you

.7 it causes Insomnia staying inside can lead to a lot of sleepless nights because you will be prone to sleep in the day

Limit your time staying inside the house because it can cause these issues for you .

Published by Ernest I.

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