10 Characters that billionaires posses.

Character can be attitude, behavior or how someone or people respond to some certian situation in life

Below are some character anyone who wants to be successful must have

10: creativity: this is the ability to bring out new ideas and make it manifest .a creative person can just formulate an ideal and make good product from that idea

9:manner of approach: this is another character that is essential in a life of anyone that wants to be successful in life .they say opportunity comes but ones,one without manner of approach may loose opportunity because of the way he/she approach people

8: endurance: this is also important in our daily lives.the world is never bed of roses so everyone must endure the hard part so as to enjoy the easy side

7: Hardworking: you need to be Hardworking in other to make it in life.hardwork brings good earnings

6: passion: in live even if your business brings small income you need to develop love and passion for it to grow

5: selflessness: a selfish person cannot make it always in live.one good turn deserves another this is a good example for selflessness

4: skillfulness: you need to at least acquire a skill that can make you self employed

3: prayerfulness: everyone both Muslim,Christian’s or any other religions need to be devoted to prayer to their God or God’s

2: Capital management: the ability to manage capital helps to stabilize ones business

1: Thinking ability: being able to think a bring out an innovation of your thinking can make you a dream billionaire

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