Temperament: Find out why you act the way you do

Why are some people always happy and cheerful? Why do others look sad or moody? What makes some people noisy? Why are others quiet? It is as a result of something called Temperament .

Continue reading to find out more on Temperament.

Temperament can be defined as personality traits which are inbuilt in each individual, it is considered to be biological, it is inmate, hence we are born with it. In simple terms, temperament tries to explain why you act the way you do, why you are always happy, why you are hard working, why you are lazy and so on.

Types of Temperament.

  1. Sanguine
  2. Choleric
  3. Melancholic
  4. Phlegmatic

1. Sanguine ( The Talker)

People with this temperament are usually expressive, the talk alot most of the time. They are lovely, warm, humourous, interesting, a person with this temperament finds it easy to make friends and they barely hold grudges, they are also sincere at heart.

However, a sanguine finds it difficult to finish tasks, they are always late, they are sometimes disorganized. People with this personality love to impress people, they love luxurious lifestyle and they spend alot.

In q nutshell, a Sanguine is an extrovert.

2. Choleric( The doer)

People with this temperament are usually energetic when it comes to them achieving their goals, they have leader like tendencies, they also like to dominate most of the time therefore this trait makes them goos leaders because they love authority.

However, they are considered to be insensitive because they care little about the feelings or opinions of others, this trait is usually common in men.

Cholerics can be unnecessarily bossy, impatient, easily angered and they like to control everybody. They are also extroverted.

3. Melancholic( The thinkers)

People with the trait are mostly thoughtful and cautious. They are independent and highly creative, they enjoy art or literature or even healthcare. They are mostly pessimistic hence they get so involved with trying to make the world a better place. They are reserved, artistic,creative talented, neat, highly organized, serious, economical and determined, the are extremely selective with who they make friends with

However they take life too seriously hence they get hurt easily and they can be predisposed into depression and sadness. Also, they have low self esteem and are over conscious plus they are constantly struggling with their self image.

Because of how extremely caring they are, they make good doctors, teachers and nurses. A menlacholic is extremely loyal to his/ her friends, that’s why there’s a popular saying, ” if you have a melancholic as a friend, you have a friend for life. They are mostly introverted

4. Phlegmatic( The watcher)

People with this temperament are usually quiet and calm, they are usually cool, collected, kind, empathetic, balanced, they take their time in making decisions. They also avoid conflict and they make alot of friends, they are very peaceful and sometimes reluctant.

However, often times they tend to worry about everything, they want to get extremely close to their friends, they can be selfish, judgemental, and they can also transfer aggression easily. They are sometimes introverted.

An individual usually possesses two temperaments, a person can be both melancholic and phlegmatic although one trait will be dominant than the other.

I am Majorly melancholic, what’s your temperament?

Note: Images were used for illustrative purposes.

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