15 High-in-Demand Everyday Commodities That Can Make You A Millionaire.

Step 2 to get N10,000,000: (1) Find a product that needs a million people and (2) sell to them each at N10. Simple!

Well well. It’s easier said than done, but you have to accept that the plan is simple.

Wealthy people have been carrying out this plan for centuries. Therefore, they become richer. Dangote can express what it takes to build a refinery; The name and wealth come mainly from the sale of everyday items to millions of people: sugar, cement, salt. People can’t do without them, and Dangote knows it.

You won’t be able to become a threat overnight, but you can go rich if you find some common things that people use every day and find ways to give them away.

I will list some of these articles in this article – 15 of them. These products are in high demand for consumer goods. You can take part in the campaign through production or distribution. Whichever way you choose, there is great potential in these goods due to the high demand among people.

So here it goes …

15 high-demand daily goods in Nigeria

1. Information

There are many things I want to mention as the number one on this list, but the information is above. You are reading this article because you want information. Knowledge is power, right? This blog exists because I know that millions of young Nigerians need information to get out of poverty and succeed. I don’t sell this information, but I still make money because I can satisfy people’s hunger for money. The most expensive information on the planet, which is in great demand, is information. What information do you have about the people you need?

2. Liquid soap and detergents

You will agree with me that soap is a daily thing. Everyone in Nigeria uses soap. Soap, whether in solid, liquid or powder form, is in high demand all over Nigeria. Commonly used for bathing and showering. So if you are looking for a fast selling product, soap is definitely one of these products.

3. Power bank

Power banks offer a way to extend battery life and charge your phones at any time. They have different qualities and are very portable. Given the epileptic nature of the power supply in most parts of the country, many people in Nigeria, especially young people, will look for an alternative energy source to charge their mobile phones. You can’t produce power banks, but you can ask cheap aliexpress or alibaba prices and sell to people in need.

4. Hair extensions

It is said that he is never caught between a woman and her hair. This list would not be complete without hair extensions. Nigerian women love it and are willing to spend a lot of money. Synthetic extensions and hair come in a variety of styles and textures, from Peruvian hair to Brazilian hair and more.

5. Shoes and clothes

Clothing and footwear are still relevant in Nigeria. There are different pieces of clothing and footwear for men, women and children. In addition, different outfits are required in different situations. Most people in Nigeria have more than one pair of shoes and many diapers. As the fashion trend continues to grow, there will be a great demand for clothing and footwear.

6. Cooking gas

Gas stoves have become very popular in most homes in Nigeria. Although electricity in the country is weak, it is considered cheaper than kerosene; people are looking for a relatively cheaper and faster way to prepare their meals. Another advantage of using gas for cooking is that the flames do not emit smoke and thus keep stainless kitchen utensils normally associated with the use of a kerosene stove. In addition, it is a pure energy, so it loves its surroundings.

7. Tiles

Floor tiles are a trend in most Nigerian homes. Durable, more affordable and covers a variety of styles and designs. Preferably on ordinary cement floors. Most homes have modern cement floors with hardwood floors, and even apartments are neglected. Demand for tile land in Nigeria is constantly growing as new homes and government offices choose it better.

8. Water

Water is probably the most consumed commodity in Nigeria. I should have been first or second on this list, but I never said that the list was in a certain order

People need clean, clean water for many things. Most people have simply acquired wealth by satisfying this basic need of life. You can still take part in the action.

9. Food

Many products are classified as food, and all of them are very important for survival, so I will not hurt them. Raw, cooked or unprocessed food is always a good thing.

10. Cosmetics and makeup kits

This is a hot cake for young and old Nigerian women. Most women will not step out of the house without makeup. In Nigeria, at least 9 out of 10 girls wear makeup, which creates a growing demand for goods.

11. Computer and phone accessories

Items such as memory cards, flash drives, headphones, modems, phone screens, external hard drives are included, the list goes on. These devices are needed to enhance the enjoyment of your computers or phones. As long as people use telephones and electronic devices, there will always be a high demand.

12. Books

They say Nigerians don’t read, but the days are over. Now we read, there is so much money in books. You can write, distribute or publish. Books are an important part of disseminating information, so it’s always a good thing.

13. Generator

In Nigeria, there will always be a growing and growing demand for generators (at least until the power supply improves). Unfortunately, the country’s electricity supply is declining and many people are starting to choose alternative energy sources for industry and daily activities.

14. Construction materials

Various objects fall under this umbrella. As more people move from tenants to landlords, new buildings are constantly growing. Blocks, cement, iron rods, aluminum roof, shovel, hood, etc. As building materials are currently a hot product on the Nigerian market.

15. Car trackers

The increase in vehicle thefts has made Nigerians more aware of security. These are the latest technological inventions that help car watchmakers not to miss a glance. More and more people are starting to ask themselves questions.

Well, there it is; 15 of Nigeria’s most popular assets: These are not only, but a good place to start. I recommend diligently planning and researching this product. These may contain the key to the wealth you dream of. If you give N10 articles to every million people, you will earn N10 million. Nothing could be simpler.

Send us your feedback to let us know. Share this article with your friends who want to become millionaires.

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