Occult: Be careful with who you have romantic relationships with

Some people are very dangerous and consult somethings that would shock you. Be careful as to who you allow in your life and who you enter into a relationship with. This world can be a cruel and dark place. 

There are some people who use their partners destiny to become filthy rich.This applies to both males and females irrespective of ones sexual orientation. Gone are the days whereby men where the prime suspects of stealing people’s destinies. Today’s society knows no bounds as females also do this including the queer community. 

Most of these people who are energy vampires can see when you have a star and that is when they take it away from you to prosper.

Some take their victims from clubs, social media, church anywhere as long as you have a “Star” you will be very useful to them. 

Their modus operandi is to study their victims very well and get to know what is their weakness. If they are lonely they will fill that void very well. If their victim is enchanted by a lavish lifestyle and materials of this world,they will gladly provide opulent gifts and all that comes with being blessed by a blesser. 

After meeting with a partner, you have intercourse with them. During the intercourse they uses a cloth to wipe you. Then they will take it to something like a shrine. This shrine is always in the house. 

From there they will start uttering words and do whatever they were taught.

For others they have a one night stand and never again speak or have any contact with their victim. They drop them their victim like a hot potato as they have acquired what they wanted from them. They have served their purpose and aren’t needed any more.

You might be useful to the person for 3 months 6 or a year. After getting what they want, they move on to the next victim. These people use you mercilessly and will cut ties once their mission has been completed. The relationship will end abruptly with no warning or explanation as to what happened or where did you guys go wrong. 

So please be very careful.

Published by Ernest I.

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