2 Things that can make a relationship last long

Forget love and money, only 2 things can make a relationship last longer

Every relationship has a fuel that makes it burn and flow according to weather.To some its plenty of money, while to some it’s unlimited love between partners.

But one I noticed is, despite all the money available to make the relationship of the category A wax stronger,it couldn’t stand the test of time.

Same goes to category B, where love is the order of the day. They seem to be doing fine with love leading them through, but along the line,the love fades and the relationship hits the rock.

Looking at both categories, I discovered they lack 2 major ingredients: patience and perseverance.Because ,before money could do what love ought to do in a relationship , a lot of patience.

Likewise,a lots of patience and perseverance is needed for love to do what money ought to do in a relationship.

If this key elements is missing in a relationship, no matter the quantity of love or money that fuels your relationship it will definitely crash one day.

Only Patience and perseverance can make any relationship survive the crash.Without patience, people will easily give up and therefore they will not be able to achieve their relationship goals.

Even in the absence of money and love, Patience and perseverance can make any relationship stand the test of time.

What do you think?

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Published by Ernest I.

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