How to Use Unripe Plantain to Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently

How to Use Unripe Plantain to Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently
Unripe plantain has a sticky gum, which is some how hard to remove if it gums on your hand, so our forefathers, recognized this gum content of an unripe plantain as having the power to cover up those wound or sore in your intestine, thereby silencing them
Get two or three fruits of an unripe plantain, peel out the bark and wash if you desire to do that.
Cut them in pieces, so as to aid its fermentation.
Get a 4 or 5-liter plastic container, with cover, and then wash it thoroughly and allow it to dry.
Fill the container with the already pieced unripe plantain.
Filll the container with clean water, to at least it’s half or more, don’t fill to the brim.
Cover the container tightly and Shake it together with its contents, and then store in a good place for fermentation to take place within two or three days.
In a period of two to three days, check your concussion, it is now ready for use. Don’t be afraid to take it everyday to completely cure your ulcer.

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