With These 2 Things,Poison Won’t Kill You.

Good day wonderful readers, I will teach you how to make anti poisons by yourself and also local anti poisons that you can get at a very cheap price, so pay attention and read carefully because it might save a life.

Lately, there have been rise in the number of deaths which was resulting from food poisoning.

We all know that hatred abd jealousy has come to stay, that’s why we lost innocent people from food poisoning and other things, and the shocking thing is that, people are killed by those people who they call their friends or even family members. This is terrible, and sad.

The truth is that, not everybody is happy with someone’s progress, they will only laugh in front of you and then go and plan evil things for you.

Well, it is God that protects, we can only pray to be surrounded by good people who truly love us in actions and not just in words, and I also pray that the eyes of evil ones will not see us.

Although we can never be well prepared against unforeseen circumstances, but we will be doing our best and hope that God continues to save us from enemies who pretend to be our close friends.

Meanwhile, according to my research today, there are the two vital things around us that you can use as good anti poisons, most of you will know what am talking about, this things are not new but they’ve been around for a long time, but I noticed that some people don’t know about them.

1. Activated charcoal.

Note: in this article, am going to teach you how to process your firewood into an anti poison that can save your life.

2. Bitter Kola nuts (image shown below).

Well, this two natural anti poison I mentioned above will only cost you little cash to buy them.

However, if you don’t have money to buy them, you can get bitter kola nuts in villages.

meanwhile, if don’t know how the natural anti poison work, I will explain everything to you so read carefully. If you notice that someone gave you poison or someone you know has been given poison, all you have to do is to quickly take either bitter kola or activated charcoal to counter and stop the effect of the poison. Personally, I prefer activated charcoal.

the work of these anti poisons or antidotes is to stop the poison from getting into your blood, according to health experts, poisons can only carry out their deadly effects when they fully get into your blood stream and then they will affect the vital organs such as your heart, kidney, lungs, liver etc.The anti poison substances (bitter kola and activated charcoal are called) are known as adsorbents. They will adsorb the Poisonous substances in your intestines and will flush them out of your body, but this will happen when you do fast before the poison will circulate in your system.

Here is how to make your own activated charcoal:

I will list what you need to make your own activated charcoal at home.

1.Charcoal and

2. Lemon juice

1. Charcoal: you can get charcoal from burnt wood and wash them properly.

You are advised to grind the charcoal after you have wasted and dry it, grind it to powder form and transfer into a neat bowl, Use glass containers preferably, then filter the powdered charcoal to remove dirt.

2. Lemon: squeeze 6 lemon into 6 cups of water and stir it very well.

Then Pour the lemon juice into the powdered charcoal and stir it very well to make a paste, remove any dirt you see when turning, see how it will look in the picture below.

Then after turning very well, you are advised to allow it to stand untouched for 24 hours

After 24 hours boiling the mixture of charcoal and lemon juice for 3 hours, the boiling point is what activated the charcoal.

Then after that, filter out the charcoal from the mixture and dry the residue, store it in a container.

Directions for use: Mix half to one spoon of the activated charcoal in one class of water and drink.

You are advised to have all this things at home, it is very important, so that if something bad happens and someone is poisoned, you can quickly administer the anti poisons (activated charcoal or bitter kola) in order to save the person’s life. It could be your life you will be saving as one can’t tell what will happen in the future, so try to get them ready, prepare and keep it.

Hence, after reading this piece, get firewood and make your own anti poisons, or buy one in the market.

Life can only be lived once, Don’t let any bitter person take it away from you.

DISCLAIMER: this is not a substitute for medical attention following serious drug, substance or food poisoning, it is only meant as a first aid. Thank you

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