Start these 5 businesses with N20,000 capital in Nigeria and be making over N2000 per day

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In today’s article, I will introduce you to five great companies that you can start from N20000 headquarters anywhere in Nigeria and earn a daily income.

  1. SME data Reselling Business.

This is a company where you can start with just N20000 and make money every day.

This job is the best job in any region of Nigeria as most Nigerians have mobile phones.

All of these business needs your Android phone and you are looking for any platform to sell SME data online.

All you need to do every day is the N2000.

2. VTU business.

In Nigeria, doing business with VTU requires less capital. You can’t start this business without earning money because almost all Nigerians own a cell phone.

Your daily income from this business must not be less than N2000. You can use your Android phone to run this business without worrying about making money.

3.Recharge Card Printing.

Only when you need a printer and reset your PIN cards does recovering your printer business very close to doing business with VTU. For people who own a house, this business is great. All you need is a printer and then start buying top-up PIN cards from a social media company.

If you are in Lagos, you can earn N5000 every day from this job.

4. Digital TV Subscription Payment.

The capital requirement for pay TV services is N20000 or less

If you are in a good place like Lagos, your daily income cannot be less than N2000.

5. Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS business is good business, you can start in Nigeria for a small fee. All you need is your Android phone and a platform to sell more text messages.

If you are in this business, if you are in school, the N2000 can bring you higher earnings.

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