Men Who Married Women With These 4 Qualities Are Very Lucky.

From the day a boy is born, he begins to dream, he begins to aspire, whenever he looks at the way her mother treats her father, he will always be eager to be like his father when his own time comes. Women are like the flower that beautifies the garden, without flowers in the garden, the beauty can never be visible. Women radiates the mighty of men, any man that married his heart desire lives in peace, fulfillment and happiness all his life.

Women are the flowers in the garden

Women are wonderful, they are unique, so unique that they are regarded as the building block of the world. As a man, who is that person that gives you hope anytime you’re about to give up? Who is that person that beautifies your family with that unique characters and make you ever grateful? Who is that person that wakes you up every morning and say “good morning my love, how was your night?” who is that person… Your Wife right? Yes, she is able to be doing all those things because of the exceptional and amazing qualities she has.

Are you among the lucky men who married women with good qualities

There are few qualities that marks a woman out from her fellow women. Those qualities made her unique, wonderful and so amazing, and her husband loved her so much for that. This article lists out those qualities in question, I know that you are already curious, as to whether your wife has those qualities or not. Don’t worry, you will get to see after you must have finished reading this article.

#1. She is not the naggy type

Naturally, women are meant to be naggy sometimes, but there are ones that nags too much, and irritates any one who associates with them. Nagging type of women are very difficult to satisfy, men find them disturbing and very troublesome, and thus seeing them as an hindrance to their peaceful living and happiness.

Does your wife nag too much? I mean she doesn’t complain all the time, there is nothing on earth that you do, which can satisfy her? She doesn’t contribute meaningfully in family issues, but quick enough to bring confusion and discouragement to the ones that are willing to contribute something? If no, then you are very lucky. You’re so lucky to have married a woman whose maturity and sense of humor are topnotch, you shouldn’t take her for granted.

#2. She contributes financially in the family, even when you don’t ask her

There is nothing that amazes a man than having a woman who work as hard as him, to make sure that family spending do not rest on one person. Such kind of woman has a unique quality to have known how to help out her husband and family as a whole. Men, naturally don’t usually ask women for financial contribution, even when they are very much in need, they see it as their responsibility and burden to carry, so, any woman that lifts that burden from them are so much loved.

Is your wife such kind of women, if yes just know that you’re very lucky. There are not too many women like that in the world. So you mustn’t joke with her at all, value her contributions, tell her that she is such an amazing woman, believe me she will be eager to do more.

#3. She doesn’t frown when you give money to people outside the family

A lot of women are fond of that , either knowingly or unknowingly, and it has made their husband to stop giving money to people outside the family. They make their husband feel as if they are doing something out of order, and therefore stop philanthropy, or do that in the absence of their wife. Such women are very intimidating to their husband, and often seen as wicked and commanding. 

Are you the kind of man that doesn’t want your woman to hear that you gave someone money, because of her attitude? If no, then you are very lucky. You have such a kind of passionate person as your woman, woman who is always eager to help people who are in need. Believe me, her kindness and your philanthropy will be a source of open doors to your family.

#4. She doesn’t correct you openly, she does that in privacy

Nothing is more embarrassing to a man than when his wife corrects her in the eyes of every person, men see that as a disgraceful, and may bring a lot of disrespect to them, especially in village meetings. It is more ideal to leave a man to finish what he has to say in public, then call him to privacy and correct him if need be, that man will be ever happy and grateful.

Is your wife the type that corrects you in bedroom (privacy), she knows that doing that outside may bring disrespect to her husband? Her maturity and sense of reason are exceptional, then you must have married a special women. You’re a lucky man, you must know that, you must treat her special.

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“All pictures in this article are used for illustrations only”

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