Opinion: What Women Like and Cherish But Men Don’t Know

Human beings are the most intelligent animals unlike other animals in God’s creations. Just like women, they like most things but because of laws and other rules that have been set long back they couldn’t express themselves. They do hide what they like in order not to feel shame and not to look immoral. Some women decided to do what they like but others still find it hard to do especially in their relationships.

Here is what most of the women like in their relationship;

Talking dirty stuff

Women like to take a break from all the seriousness and important stuff in their relationship. They like to go wild with their men. Sometimes they need to talk and hear their men telling them what had happen the previous night. And how their men were tiger in bed during that day. They want to hear their men applauding that position they were trying and how they wish to see themselves handled in that particular way that brings fire in the bed.

Playing dirty

Men need to loosen up and sometimes play naughty with their women. They need to play dirty not to always been serious. Women long and enjoy seeing their men surprising them in a dirty manner, doing it in a kitchen and sometimes touching them in their holy gardens.

Serious talk

Even though women enjoy spending most of their time not been serious, but they do want and enjoy serious talk. That is the reason they sometimes tell their men to stop been childish and to focus. They want to see a serious face of their men talking serious issues.

Future talk

Women hate men who do not have dreams. They want to hear their men dreams and talking about a future. And afterwards seeing that men implementing their dreams and goals.

Published by Ernest I.

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