3 types of persons who do not want you to succeed in life and how to deal with them.

The world of man is full of many different kinds of people and many different activities occur here. There are good things and bad things as well as good people and evil people.There are people who are true to you and will be by your side no matter what happens while there are also people who are only after your downfall and can come in sheep’s clothing and as a friend so they can easily destroy you. 

Bad people can be found everywhere and for everyone who is trying to make something in life, there surprisingly is another person or group of persons who want to ruin the labor of the struggling person for whatever reason. 

Many people have tried and failed to be successful or to achieve something important but these people who want to ruin everything always try their best to counter every step someone is trying to take in order to be successful. 

To identify these kinds of people can be sometimes hard but when you notice that someone close to you is among the people mentioned below, then there is a big chance that that person will try to pull you down if you try to be successful.

Below are the types of people who don’t want you to be successful in life.

1. People who attack you whenever you fail and keep on using that failure as a reference point in the future.

Failure is normal in life and nobody can say they haven’t failed while trying to do something. However, having people around you who will condemn you whenever you fail will not do you any good.

Such an act can totally derail your mind and can make you want to give up on something, believing that you would not be successful even if you tried doing that thing again. This is not the act of someone who wants to succeed.

How to deal with such people.

Just ignore them if you can’t let go of them so they won’t get into your head.

 2. People who always try to fault anything you do even if it is perfect.

These types of people are bent on making you feel worthless and miserable, like someone who can not achieve anything in life. Having a feeling of worthlessness can make you not want to try your best to be successful because you will think that you can not be good at what you do. 

Having a feeling of accomplishment, even if it is little, can seriously help you to see the need to do better in order to succeed, and having people who always take fault in whatever you do ain’t good for you.

How to deal with such people.

Again, you have to ignore these people and believe in yourself.

 3. People who keep pushing you to take certain decisions even if it is against your wish.

 People who believe that they can make the right decisions for you can directly or indirectly make you fail. This is because they are not the ones living your life for you. These kinds of people can easily hamper your success in life if they want to by giving you the wrong advice or by directing you to do the wrong thing. 

These people can tell you to follow the footsteps of someone who was once successful without putting into consideration the fact that what works for one person might not work for the other. 

How to deal with such people.

You should not totally do away with such people because they can also advise you rightly. Instead, take their advice to heart and try to see if you can make your own decision out of it.

It can really be difficult to get back up after such people are successful in ensuring that you did not achieve your goals. Funny thing is, they might not have even done it intentionally because they may feel what they are doing is best for you. You have to wise up and know what type of people to listen to and those not to listen to if you want to be successful.

What is your opinion on this? Do share with me in the comments section below.

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