Youths and time management

Many talents have been wasted all because of youth negligence of time management. Sometimes, I think it is true Because the guidance of such youths failed to teach them about time management or that the youths failed to understand what time management is all about. Time management has been inserted from the beginning by God.

Like chinua achebe of blessed memory used to say that every yesterday is but a dream and every tomorrow a vision but every today well spent, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. The heartbreaking occurrence has proved that youths are like proverbial headless fly that follows the Corpse to the grave. Youths who are the trustees of posterity are heading towards the pitch of darkness because of procrastination.

Time management is the process of getting activities completed effectively, personally or collectively according to schedule. Time, once lost can never be regained. It is no doubt that the saddest aspect of human circumstances are misplacement of priorities and poor management of time. It is also clear that every opportunity and time that goes brings us nearer to our Graves. Great men are the real products of time. The way once time is managed issues how soon one’s success will be realised because the morning sun declares what the heavens have in stock for the day.

Causes of poor time management

1. Laziness: laziness is the true mother of failure. It is the chief source of idleness. Also it is the managing director of poverty and frustration. For example, examination malpractice which has become the order of the day was a product of laziness for the Bible reveals that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

2. Procrastination: procastination brings about Poor time usage because when one is headed by let me rest now for tomorrow is another day attitude the degree of responsiveness of blunt and black future reaches to a high tendency.

3. Peer influence: A saying that evil communication corrupts good manner cannot be gainsaid because you are a product of your own endeavor. A youth forget that he was nursed in a home and the household requires his or her attention always. It is obvious that many youths heed to the advice given to them by their peers without resentment. Peer pressure can affect you to negate negatively in the sense that devilish act like idle talk, negligence to work drunkenness, cultism and premarital relationship are caused by this group.

4. Pride: it is awful and rediculous that youths always forget that God hates a proud person as it is said that, he will break down the elbow of the proud and exalt the humble. Do not forget that an empty vessels make the most noise and inferior products have more attracting decorations and labels. Pride keeps you away from monitoring the progress of your effective time management as it leaves one with the misleading though of personal confidence.

So my dear youths let’s make hay while the sun shines because success is a product of diligence.

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