OPINION: 13 Qualities Of Real Men That Makes Women Lose Their Minds/Fall For Them

The female mind like we all know is one complex and complicated part of their being that is extremely hard to understand and comprehend.

Little wonder it’s difficult to imagine or assume what qualities the perfect man must have in order to win their heart.

Nevertheless, I have made a list of qualities that women find hard to resist.

13. Masculinity

This doesn’t only have to do with the physical attributes, but it also involves, and is a sum of attributes such as fortitude, courage and nobility. Smart women can’t resist these set of traits.

12. Sense of humor

A funny joke is an ice breaker, but this doesn’t mean you should keep making jokes or saying funny things all the time because it won’t make a good impression of you.

A good sense of humor is all you need as this quality is often associated with high intelligence.

11. Taking great care and paying attention to details

Everyone craves attention, we all love to be taken care of in one way or the other. Most women consider this particular quality very well.

10. Determination and high energy

Most women would fall head over heels in love with a man who is determined and have set goals for his life, and works towards them.

If you want to be a woman magnet, get to be loved by them, you have to be very ambitious and enthusiastic, because they also don’t like lazy People.

9. Generosity

When once the issue of generosity comes up, our minds quickly run to money, but it’s much more complex than that.

Being generous enough to spend quality time with them, paying attention to their needs and loving them generously is all the generosity you need for them to fall for you. Not everything is about money.

8. Being Romantic

A romantic guy wins it all, as this is one of the best qualities a woman craves for in a guy.

7. Uniqueness

It’s easier for women to fall for a guy whom they think and feel is different from the rest of others.

Guys who are disciplined enough to do things their way, and stand out are usually the choice of ladies.

6. Dependability

Most ladies love a man or guy whom they can depend on to act or stand up or in for them whenever the need arises.

This is a subtle quality, yet very significant to a woman.

5. Understanding

It’s very crucial that guys should possess this quality. 

Sometimes women just loves to go on talking and talking and unburdening themselves. And being able to understand them and listen is a quality admire by most ladies.

4. Good Manners

This quality is in high demand, especially in this 21st century. Having good manners in everything you do gives you an edge over other guys and gentlemen.

3. Helping out with things they can’t do

A handy man service is called a “husband for a day” for a reason. This is an essential quality.

Helping out with things they can’t do gets women attracted to you.

2. Intelligence

This is not about your IQ score. The intelligence in question here involves being wise and fair minded.

A man who thinks carefully before making decisions will probably score a perfect score from ladies, than the one who doesn’t evaluate his actions, or the one who just does things without thinking them through.

1. Bonus

Helping out in the kitchen, is one quality almost every girl, if not all would love to have in their man.

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