Before You Go Into Relationship With Someone, Do These 4 Things To Lay The Foundation First

The most important part of every given building, is the foundation. If you built a house and the foundation of the building wasn’t laid properly, such building will be collapsed at any given period of time. Same thing applicable to Relationships! The most important part of every given relationship is the foundation. When the foundation of a given relationship is built accurately at the initial level, there is hope for such relationship to leads to marriage.

One of the major reasons why relationships are being destroying here and there is because of the wrong foundations that they do lays at the initial level. In this article, I will be sharing with you four ways to lay a good relationship foundation. Without waisting much of your time, let’s get into the main points of this write-up. Here we go:

1. Do Not Pretend: This is one of the major things that usually put full stop to most relationships. Before you go into a serious relationship with someone, you have to be your real self to avoid causing regret to the other person. No matter how bad your identity and background are, reveal to the person that you are about to go into relationship with. If the person actually loves you, then he/she will decides to go into the relationship with you. With that, you have clear concious that you are not hiding anything from him/her.

But a situation whereby you fake yourself to be someone who you are not, you are at risk of losing such relationship. Because nothing hides forever, one-day, the truth will be surely revealed. So be proud of who you are while going into relationship with someone.

2. Share Your Previous Relationship Histories With Your Partner: Most people believe that it doesn’t necessary for them to share their previous relationship histories with their new partners to be. Because they believe that if they do, their partners will use their past experiences to judge them.

However, that is not always true! Someone who truly loves you will not use your past relationship experiences to remind you again. The major reason why you have to share your past relationship histories with your partner, is to create awareness to your partner in case of necessity. The moment you create that awareness to your partner, whenever something comes up from the past, he/she can use such awareness to defend you and stand by you. But a situation whereby you kept those secrets away from your partner and something reflected in the relationship from the past, he/she will not know where to start to defend you and stand by you. And as such, he/she will be so astonished to know your origination of relationship issues.

3. Get To Know Each Other Differences Properly: This is has to do with your ability as individual to figure out your partner’s differences and your own self. Before you go into a serious relationship with someone, try as much as possible to know the things he/she likes in relationship and the things he/she doesn’t like.

After when you have figured out everything about your partner to be, then you as well make yours to be known by him/her. With that, both of you will get to know each other boundaries properly.

4. Ask Question: Before you go into a serious relationship with someone, ask the person this particular question: Why do he/she love you? If he/she said, I love you because of your beauty, handsome, money, intelligent etc, then know that the person in question doesn’t love you. Because the day those qualities that have been mentioned above disappeared from your body, that is the day that even the relationship will be expired as well.

Always bear in mind that true love doesn’t have reasons, but it only has an attachment feeling that coming from the heart directly. So do not be deceived by anyone, ask him/her to know the actual intention of the relationship that he/she wants to establish with you.

Therefore, I want to summarize this article by saying that lay a proper foundation before go into relationship with someone.

Note: The pictures above are used as illustration of the article

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