Your Children May Never Go Far In Life If You Fail To Correct These 4 Wrong Mentalities In Them

Every married man’s dream is to have a wonderful children, children that will always call him father, look up to him as a perfect role model, and surprise him with so many goodies at latter stages of their lives. Any man that don’t have children is like an incomplete man in the village or kindred meeting, people talk to him anyhow, often taunting the inability of his wife to provide him his own children.

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What about women? They say that the mark of a true mother resides in her children, and when you cleary look at the statement, you will discover that it is actually true. Any married woman in the society without any child, usually feel uncomfortable, restless and always thinking about what people in the society are saying about her. Such is the state of a barren woman, in other words the importance of children to a woman can never be overemphasized.

Now, as a mother or a proud father, how will you feel after you carried your own child, trained him/her, expecting to be taken care of in your latter days, but all you saw was disappointments and sorrow? You will feel heartbroken right? That is the feeling of parents that failed to train their children the right way. Now, the question is, “from what you have been doing so far concerning your children, do you think you are giving them good training?” If you think you are, then what effort have you made as regards to correcting those weird mentality which have been constituting nuisance in the society?

You might be end up heartbroken, if you don’t correct bad Mentalities in your Children

As a matter of fact, your role as a parent is not only to train them in physical aspects, you must train their mind and emotions too, to enable them get clear pictures of the happenings around them and to ensure that they are growing towards the right path. There are 4 weird Mentalities which most of modern generation children have gotten accustomed to, as a responsible mother or father, you ought to make sure that it is corrected in your children.

It is the responsibility of both father and mother to correct their children

If you leave them to grow with those mentalities, they may not be productive as they should, they may be easily lured to the dark, which will ultimately affect their progress and being successful in life. I suppose you want your children to go far in life? Then you need to read up the remaining part of this article and try to correct those mentalities, if your child has any of them.

1. If I don’t do what my friends are doing, it means that I am inferior

Band-wagonism is what is killing most young people of this modern generation. They seem to be so concerned in what there friends do, more than themselves. So many of them have this mentality that they are inferior, as long as they don’t do what others are doing. That is why you see some of them going for night parties, spending small money they have made in buying clothes and shoes, all in the name of “fashion and show-off”. But one thing they refuse to know is that all those things won’t allow them to go far in life. 

Instill confidence in themselves, Let them follow their heart, and not what their friends do

As a meaningful and responsible parent, try as much as you can to change that mindset in your Children. Make them to know that self confidence, and self decision matters a lot in life. Reassure them that they are better conditioned to progress, when they avoid following trends, it will make them to start seeing things in different ways (positivity). You’re the best suited person to advice your children, please ensure you advice them on time, because doing that when they have already being deceived and convicted, will make little or no impact in their lives. 

2. My parents are the ones that will provide all I need to become successful in life 

Some parents contribute a lot to nurturing This particular mentality in their children, they provide everything they want, even the things that are irrelevant and unnecessary. From that stage, the children will start depending on their parents for virtually everything, even the things they can achieve on their own. This particular mentality may also start laying the foundation of laziness in them, they may start developing low self confidence and may never see ways they can help themselves and their parents. 

Teach them to start doing something for themselves

As a responsible father/mother, once in a while starve your children from evening biscuit or sweet, give them the pen and let them think and solve the mathematics, ask them to tell you his/her own opinion concerning some family issues, in that way you’re building self-esteem in them and also putting their brains to deep thinking. Once in a while, you need to call them to the table, and drop some few words of confidence and encouragement to them, believe me, your children will start thinking on how to develop themselves, and make their parents proud in the future 

3. I must become a graduate before I become successful 

This mentality is totally weird, especially in our country Nigeria,where skill acquisition is absolutely necessary for every young person in the society. Education is very important, acquiring tertiary education is equally a good step in the right direction, but any young man that thinks that him being successful in life, depends on his certificate, is only deceiving himself, he must therefore be called to order. 

Make them to know that skill acquisition is also important

“ll pictures in this article are used for illustrations only” 

As a parent, encourage your children to learn a good skill, even when they are going to school. That skill might be their saviour in the future, it might turn out to be what will make them become successful in life. Tell them that if they have both skill and certificate, they have higher chances of getting employed. Nigeria of today is where skill is so much needed, that sometimes it becomes the priority more than certificate. If your child relies on only certifate, he/she might be disappointed at last, and guess what? He/she might find it very difficult to fing their footing again. 

4. Car is the mark of being rich, I must get it (even at all cost)

So many young people have this weird mentality that ownership of car is what tells if a person is rich or not. That is why a young man will use the only money he has in the bank to buy car, all in the name of “belonging” in the midst of his friends and also to show-off. They also believe that anybody that has a car is of higher class in the society, and if they must command respect as those people, they must get their own car, even at all cost.

Change that mentality in them

As a responsible parent, you should try to change that mentality in your Children. Tell them that it is better to have 5 million naira in account, than to have a car of 800,000 worth. Open their eyes to see the difference between owning a car and becoming successful or fulfilled in life. Let them know that buying or borrowing car just to “belong or show-off” is never a good idea, and with that mentality, they may never go far in life.

Start correcting that Mentalities before they grow with them

In conclusion, t is usually very heartbreaking to see parents crying at latter stages of their lives, instead of to be reaping the good fruit of their labour and suffering. This article have opened your mind as a parent, to ways you can stop yourself having that kind of experience in the future. Kindly take this article to heart, and do the needful to your children.

Don’t be the cause of your children not going far in life

If you are a young man or woman reading this, and you know that you have any of those 4 mentalities discussed, why not change your ways and improve your life? You need to start seeing things differently, you need to start treading the good path. The worst thing that can happen to you is to let your mindset hinder you from making the progress and success you so much desired in life. The ball is now left in your court, kindly step your foot wisely.

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