35 Business Ideas

Business ideas and step-by-step guides on how to start them.

Anyone who has dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur knows how scary it is to take that first step. It’s nerve-wracking to decide on a business venture. And can be terrifying to put your money and your time into a new project without any guarantees. That’s why we present 35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides On How To Start Them. It’s a complete business proposal to start the 35 most profitable businesses in Nigeria for just N5,000.
Most of us have dreamt of starting a business at one time or another for various reasons.
These reasons range from a desire to increase our income to a drive to display our creativity. Another reason might simply be to prove to ourselves that we can.
What we must all endeavour to remember is that with rigorous research, strong guidance, and a splash of positivity, any business we set our mind to can thrive. Most of us have what it takes to build a business from the ground up.
All we need is the right information and the drive to put in the work. This is what we have done with 35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides On How To Start Them .
35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides On How To Start Them is a 324-page e-book with 35 chapters. Each chapter of the book serves as a comprehensive crash-course on how to start potentially hugely profitable businesses in Nigeria. Every chapter provides a thoroughly researched guide to launching each business. Every information was sourced from both academic studies and people who are successfully running these businesses.
Furthermore, 35 Booming Business Ideas explores businesses in all sectors of the economy. From agriculture and manufacturing to creative white-collar pursuits; there is a little something for everyone. At the same time, every chapter manages to contribute to a flowing narrative from start to finish.
It’s a resource for entrepreneurs of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, every bit of this book has something useful for you.
In addition to providing practical guides on starting various businesses, we provided detailed financial breakdowns at the end of every chapter. These breakdowns list the basic equipment, human resources (salary estimates), and materials you will need to start your business. They also include price ranges for each item (calculated from several sources) and the factors that affect cost variation.
The businesses covered are: Palm Oil Business, Pure water/Bottled Water Business, Mini importation Business, Exportation Business, E-commerce Business, Logistics Business, Distribution And Wholesale Business, Travel Agency Business, Pos Business, Maize Farming Business, Call Center Business, Solar Energy Business, Dropshipping Business, Rice Farming Business, Custom Furniture Design Business, Fashion Business, Daycare center Business, Advertising Agency Business, Bulk SMS Business, Supermarket Business, Bakery Business, Printing Business, Poultry Business, Film Production Business, Block Moulding Business, Plumbing Business, Cassava Farming Business, Photography Business, Private Security Business Liquid Soap Business, Haulage Business, Fish Farming Business, Recycling Business, Accounting Business, Green Spa/Salon Business.
Naturally, this work takes into account, as much as possible, Nigerian federal laws passed as recently as 2020. The Appendix at the end of the book also contains some additional resources on regulatory processes that might be useful to you.
Another theme that ran central in this book was the concept of starting with what you have. To illustrate this, we made sure to include in our business costs, tools, and equipment that can be obtained as cheaply as possible or even completely cost-free. This is because when seeking funding for a dream business, we tend to focus on how much we don’t have instead of how much we can do with the little we have.
Acknowledging that it’s okay to start where we are, will deepen our optimism and our zest for business. In a similar vein, we also placed emphasis on doing research and on adopting cost-free means of educating oneself before starting a new business. By incorporating this “start with what you have” mindset, you will find that your dreams are more attainable than you think, regardless of cost.
In all, our goal with 35 Booming Business Ideas is to provide you with the information and the support you need to start building your own business empire from the ground up. In doing this, we hope to empower people from all over to take control of their life and to create the world they’ve always dreamed of.
The author, Florence Chikezie is the founder of ReDahlia and an award-winning entrepreneur.
In addition to running three successful businesses, ReDahlia Workspaces, The Business Clinic, and Entrepreneuras.ng, she has consulted extensively with both brand-new entrepreneurs and seasoned start-ups and helped to establish flourishing businesses across various industries. Her mission is to empower a new wave of entrepreneurs who will run sustainable businesses all over the globe. She earned a Master’s degree in International Business from Hult International Business School, London, one of the best in the world, and she is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Do you know the best part? She’s going to be with you every step of the way. You can reserve a confidential session with her on an hourly basis. In that session, she will look at your Unique Selling Proposition and develop a winning business model that will stand you out from the competition. And, when you buy this book, you will get this session for less than half the normal price.

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