What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality

Lipsology is a relatively new pseudoscience that claims a direct relation between the shape of your lips and your personality traits.

Scientists and physiognomists consider the lips to be one of the most important features to pay attention to when trying to determine a person’s character. We express our thoughts verbally and in so doing reveal something of our character and psychological peculiarities.

The following are the most common lip shapes and the personalities their owners possess.

1. Goldilock lips

This type of lips are neither thick nor thin. And people with this kind of lips shape have ability to resolve any task ahead of them, they have ability to listen to others, they love to laugh and when it comes to relationships they are not needy or drama-seeking.

2. Undefined cupid’s bow lips

People with this kind of lips shape tends to put other people problems first and neglect their own self-care. They know how to tackle any problems and also they are very efficient at meeting deadlines and managing time.

3. Rounded cupid’s bow lips

A lips with a rounded cupid’s bow suggest a compassionate and kind spirit person. Even tough they love to help people, their are very sensitive.

4. Peaked cupid’s bow lips

People with this kind of lips shape are very creative, they’re very self aware and have impressive memory recall abilities.

5. Plumper in the center lips

People with this kind of lips shape are considered to have pride. They prefer to surround themselves with people than be alone and when its comes to relationships they may tend to be more of a drama queens.

6. Thin top and bottom lips

People with this kind of lips shape are introvert. They are perfectly content with the idea of being independent.

7. Naturally full lips

This kind of lips shape indicates that a person is an empathetic individual with strong parenting instincts. They are caring, selfless and also they value relationships above all else.

So what kind of lips do you have and what do they say about you? Leave your comment below.

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