Men, If A Women Displays Any Of These 4 Qualities, Quickly Present Her To Your Parents For Marriage.

Marriage is a legal union of a man and a woman coming together to become one. The unionism is decided by both parties.

However, before we go into the main topic of the day, let’s take a look at the reasons why marriage is necessary.

1. Marriage is aimed at harmonizing different gender to become one.

2. Marriage is the avenue used to legalized togetherness of a male and a female. For example sleeping, eating and bathing together.

3. Biologically, One of the main aim of marriage is for reproduction of children.

4. Marriage is the fulfillment of the scripture where it says “A man shall leave his father’s house, get married and go to his own house”.

Here are the Qualities Everyman should look out for, before presenting the girl to his parents for marriage

Men, If A Women Displays Any Of These Qualities, Present Her To Your Parents For Marriage.

1. If she washes your clothes often, without telling you or requesting money from you for soap. She deserves to be presented to your parents for marriage.

2. If she’s prayerful, it takes a prayerful woman to liberate a man under ancestral bondage.

3. Men, once you observe that she has the heart to give and not always receiving give her a reason to be your future wife.

4. One of the qualities that can make you present her to your parents for marriage is her ability of Understanding.

If she’s a lady that understands, she’s deserves getting married to.

Note: This points can change depending on individual or the kind of person you meet. But if these characters and Qualities are seen in a woman present her to your parents for marriage rights.

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