How To Motivate Yourself

The only person stopping you from publishing that book, hitting the gym just as you promised is not your shadow, but you. The biggest obstacle to achieving your goals is just you. Sometimes, even the most motivated person on earth (you) may feel very low. You need to motivate yourself to get things done as this is the ultimate key to success. When your videos have been rejected 101 times or your articles suspended in between air, here are few pointers you need to keep going.

Start Small: You may be having an hard time getting things started, because you are thinking too big. Remember,baby steps is what really matters! Start to focus on making small steps towards your goal. Your small and ‘what you consider insignificant accomplishments’ can turn into something even greater. With constant practice, a descent writer becomes very good.

Be Your Own Cheerleader: Contrary to popular opinion, it is okay to be your own cheerleader. Celebrate your successes, both small and big. The easiest way to turn things around is to tell yourself how great you’re doing. I have pieces of handwritten motivation quotes that are used to recite to erase negative thoughts, each time such thoughts appears.

Compare Yourself With Yourself: Quick tip, never compare yourself with others. Many times, people are quick to judge their own successes based on other people’s actions. Some people allow other people opinion of them to get into them. Stop! Step back. Take a look at your surrounding, notice your process and enjoy your race while you leave others to theirs. Don’t hold back on living your best life just because you think others have got it all figured out.

Reward Yourself: For everyone in my tiny circle, I encourage them to reward themselves after every accomplishments, howbeit little. This does not mean splurging on yourself always, but a constant reminder of all that you have accomplished so far. Try to, as often as you can reward yourself for being amazing,and for putting out your best when it comes to accomplishing your goals regularly. Focus on all of the amazing things you have done, and on your strengths. ‘Be priding of yourself’, in Jenifa’s voice. Indeed, Looking back is a key to moving forward!

Remain Hopeful: Beyond planning, remain positive. Find out what makes you happy and act on it. Whenever you feel you are running low on hope, call for help. It is never too late to start again. Whatever you do be active, set goals, try new things in the hope that it will lead to something new and truly positive.

There you go. You can share the steps you take to motivate yourself, in the comments section.

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