Note The 7 Male Body Parts Women Finds Very Attractive

We as humans are known for or built by our DNA, which determines our characteristics and other related parts of a human life or a person.

the image above is only used as an illustration of a man.

Men are always known to admire women and these women knows what men like to admire in a woman when its comes to physical appearance. And people have been wondering what women admires in men, as we all know the body parts that men admire in women, now lets know about men’s body part that can steal a girl’s attention.

The Skin

We all know that women love fine things, so they always notice a man’s skin, how smooth or rough it is which is likely to be the first thing women observe in men’s body.

The Mouth.

When you start to talk to her, this is the first body part a lady recognizes. Ladies find it desirable to have pink, plump and succulent lips.


Make sure that your hands are smooth and succulent before you greet a lady. It attracts females.


A guy with a long, thin nose attracts so many ladies.


Often, ladies are drawn to a guy with white eyes. They also find it appealing to guys with dark brown pupils.


When your teeth are white, we still note a pretty smile. Ladies think an attractive man with white teeth


It seems muscular and powerful to a guy with bigger muscles. Therefore, ladies find this body part appealing to women.

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