Luckdown: Thousands Of Pregnant Students To Write NECO In Abuja, Northerno States

Lckdown: Thousands Of Pregnant Students To Write NECO In Abuja, Northerno States

ABUJA – When 15-year-old Suweba Haruna in Shetiko, along the popular Kuje prison road got pregnant, while preparing for her West African Examination Council (WAEC) papers, little did she know what was to be her plight.
Like the average teenage expectant mother, she was confused over what would be of her new status, especially with regards to her forthcoming examinations.
Locked up in this confusion, she had only two things to blame for her predicament: “the devil and ‘this’ Coronavirus lockdown thing.”

For Chidera Anthony and Joy Inuka, also in Shetiko area of Kuje-Paseli, it was mixed feeling of anger, frustration and regret as both were also only a few weeks into writing their 2020 West African School Certificate (WASCC) examination when they realised they were pregnant.
Like Suweba Haruna, for the duo, yet again, “it is the handiwork of devil and this ‘nonsense’ lockdown,” both teenagers chorused when asked how they got themselves into the pregnancy mess.

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