6 reasons why Aries is the worst astrological sign

Do you know what your astrological sign is? Have you ever tried reading your horoscope? Do you genuinely believe that your birth month has something to do with why you act the way you do?

Well, today, our primary focus is on the first astrological sign with the symbol of a ram -Aries. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign from approximately March 20 to April 21 each year.

People who were born between this period have specific disturbing traits, and there is a lot to learn about them in this article.

1. Your Arians partner isn’t as romantic as he/she claims; they are control freak!

When you ask Arians about one of their innate characteristics, they will boastfully affirm that they are very romantic, but this isn’t true. At the beginning of your relationship, they will shower you with lots of gifts and attention, but this is one of their tactics to keep you under their arms and control you.

They will effortlessly get you to do what they want you to do, by making you feel guilty about not wanting to do it. Aries will often use the line, “you’d do it if you loved me” on their lovers. Beware, Arians generally tend towards being a Narcissist and can be very possessive, so if you notice this behavior in your partner, the relationship might not be a very healthy one for you.

2. Arians loves being the leader of; they hate being followers!

The sign of Aries is that of a ram, and a ram leads the herd, unlike the sheep. Arians have innate leadership skills; they are intelligent, humorous and very efficient, and because of these skills, they often seek the limelight of the leadership position. Aries are great heads, especially when good advisors surround them.

However, their desire to become leaders makes them bad followers; they hate being told what to do and dislike taking a subordinate role. An Arian subordinate will do everything to get rid of you and take your position as a leader in your workplace.

3. Arians are very selfish people; they solely care about themselves

Aries are very entitled people; they feel they are magnificent and deserve the very best, so they’d do everything to get it. They would gladly destroy you, even if you are a close friend. It is a big misconception that Aries are incapable of doing something for someone else. The truth is that they do. However, the only problem is that they will almost always carry out a cost analysis to make sure that the favor that they are offering you will benefit them in the long run.

4. This is weird, but Arians can be too trusting

It is weird that Aries who have such a strong personality are far too trusting. Most people would often refer to Aries as being gullible and naïve because of this, but they are wrong. Arians only trust people because they believe the best of people. Because they are very blunt and have a thing for strict adherence to the truth, they find it hard to believe that others may not be scrupulously honest.

This often hurts Arians and can affect others around them too. For example, an Arian boss might keep correcting the same mistake that affects the company just because he or she trusts a particular person, and would rarely listen to others who convince him or her to let go of the person.

5. Arians are very courageous!

An Arian’s innate desire for adventure and vast reserves of boundless energy combine to give them an inbuilt reservoir of courage that goes way beyond the average. This is an outstanding trait as we all need courageous people to inspire us. However, their bravery and bluntness can become destructive. It can prevent them from having the discretion of knowing when to be silent. They are often big time blabbermouths, and will rarely back out of a challenge.

6. Note! Being around an Aries will exhaust you

Arians are very energetic; they are cheerful and spontaneous. Nevertheless, they keep a clear head in difficult and complicated situations. While this sounds like an impressive trait, this may make it very tiring for you to be around an Arian.

Arians are great motivators, and will quickly drive you to action. However, due to their energetic nature; they might pass off as being too insensitive. Your Arian boyfriend wouldn’t mind reminding you of a task you both agreed on doing, even when he knows you had a long day at work. He will not only tell you but also drag you to perform the task before the end of the day.

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