10 Ways To Test If You Are Intelligent Or Not.

When one is said to be brilliant, it means they have or are marked by unusual and impressive intelligence. It means there level of intelligence, surpasses the rest and is unimaginable. While intelligence on the other hand, is the ability of one to comprehend; that is to understand and profit form experience. Although they both seem synonymous, intelligence is the bedrock to brilliance. Your ability to comprehend and make proper use of the comprehension from an experience, whether first hand or second hand experience, determines your level of brilliance.

While brilliance seem to be extraordinary, I will be focusing on intelligence, because intelligence is the bedrock of all. Today, we will be focusing on how one can easily determine if he or she is intelligent. It is important to note if you are or aren’t; this is because, no one can convince you as to your level of intelligence. Once the determination of your intelligence comes from a second party, there definitely is something fishy about it. Your teacher might tell you that you are, of course intelligent so as to push you to do better (that might be same with family and friends). A boss might stress how unintelligent you are, at the slightest chance of an error at work, probably because they are angry at the moment. Friends might decide to take their level of sarcasm to a whole new level by making you believe you are actually unintelligent. Thus, judging yourself critically with the points I will be laying down here, is the best way to state if you are actually intelligent or not.

But before that, why is it important to know your level of intelligence? If you would as me that, I would say there are numerous reasons why anyone should know there level of intelligence, but above all, your knowing how well you are unintelligent wise, breeds confidence. And with confidence, comes growth, development, innovation, achievement, and then, success.

Below are criteria one can use to judge how intelligent they are:

1.When you are intelligent, you prove someone wrong by simply asking them questions, and not making argumentative statements. An intelligent person listens more when in an argument and throws questions to his or her opponent; and the answers from this opponent proves the intelligent person right, and the opponent wrong.

2.You just can’t engage in normal day to day conversation with people too long, you feel like you know what is coming next. When you are intelligent, you know how to communicate people around you and of course, you know the exact time to stop and forge ahead with the best part of the day.

3.You never judge anyone. One thing I have noticed about intelligent people is, they always put themselves in others shoes and try to picture why those people do the things they do. instead of jumping into conclusions and blaming people for their wrongdoings or better put, their mistakes.

4.When most people don’t agree with you and you don’t want to change their thought, you just let go. Intelligent people open your eyes to see why they want you to believe in what they believe. They are eye openers, and not enforcement agents. Once they picture it’d rather need some violence to make a point, they let it go. They don’t force people to believe their religious or political beliefs, or do they hate people who have views different from theirs.

5.Intelligent people see things from other people’s perspective and try to figure out what they are feeling. When someone has a different perspective from that of an intelligent person, the intelligent person is not or, does not wave away their notions. Rather, they try to picture it from the person’s perspective and see what to make of it. As a matter of fact, who is perfect? They might be the ones viewing from a wrong perspective.

6.An intelligent person does not say anything to anyone without making sure they actually want to listen to them. Everyone wants to be told what would be meaningful and beneficial to their hearing. An intelligent person understands this and respects that fact as well.

7.Also, intelligent people know a lot about themselves; strengths, weaknesses. One thing common to unwise people is their inability to recognize or admit their weaknesses. A whole lot of great people have gone down the wrong memory lane as a result of their inability to accept their flaws as humans. An intelligent person knows himself so well that he or she understands their strengths and weaknesses.

Thus, they know which aspect of their life to maintain, strengthen, develop and or buckle up.

8.Intelligent people never make quick assumptions, they do predict different situations but certainly know they can always be wrong. You and I can agree to the fact that, most of the problems we face as humans come from assumptions. This is found mostly in our relationships.

There are times our assumptions are backed up by coincidences ant then a wrong stand is created in our hearts and for years we tend to live with a false story, all thanks to assumption and coincidence. Presumptions aren’t a bad thing. But while presuming, you should remember your chances of being wrong are as much as your being wrong. This is another thing intelligent people understand as well.

9.You accept truth very fast no matter how bitter it is. This is simply true. It only takes a high level of intelligence to accept the truth and live with it, even if it doesn’t seem to fall on your side. It could be a religious belief you grew up to know, it might be knowledge you have gained through proper and organized education, intelligent people tend to succumb to the truth and live by it irrespective of how long they have held to their own belief.

10.Intelligent people never underestimate anyone. At the slightest of chances you realize yourself seeing anyone below you, you should remember you are not in the intelligent category. Intelligent welcome all classes of people and are ever willing to learn from anybody out there. Be it seemingly dump people, poor people, or younger persons, intelligent people embrace them all and surely learns from them from time to time.

So, there you have it, criteria one can actually use to determine if they are intelligent or not. When you notice yourself with the above attributes of an intelligent person, I advice you keep it up. But when you notice yourself void of any of the attributes above, it is high time you buckle up, develop yourself and grow to being the super intelligent person you were supposed to be.

And remember to share this article to your friends out there to encourage them to being or maintaining their super selves.

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