Read: why you shouldn’t use your phone in the toilet while defecating

So many people are fund of taking their phone to the toilet which seems to be a very bad habit. You that is reading this post can’t tell me you don’t take your phone to the toilet (lol). If you do not take phone to toilet, please say it in the comment section below.

Now, so many people do take phone to the toilet and this is very dangerous to the health of yours and that of your phone. Holding your phone In the toilet brings room for a lot of bacteria to quench inside your phone. Have you ever wondered why your phones do not take long before it packs off (spoils)?. Well one of the reason is because of taking phone to the toiler.

Reasons for not taking phone to the toilet

·        Taking your phone to the toilet exposes it to diseases which affects the intestinal tract called Salmonella. And touching the phone after using it in the toilet can be very dangerous to your health.

That’s one of the major reason why you shouldn’t take your phone to the toilet. Please stop taking phone to the toilet while defecating. It has spoilt so many peoples phone and it has killed so many. Please like, share it to everyone, hit the follow button and comment on this.

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