Warm Garlic Infused Coconut Oil
Massaging the back gently with warm coconut oil can provide wonderful relief from back pain. To get enhanced relief from backache, you can apply garlic infused coconut oil. Garlic has numerous anti-inflammatory properties. The beneficial anti-inflammatory properties of garlic can ease swelling and relive pain.

To prepare garlic infused coconut oil, simply heat a quarter cup of extra virgin coconut oil. Toss eight to ten cloves of raw garlic into the hot oil. Allow the garlic cloves to remain in the hot coconut oil till they turn a dark brown color. Now discard the garlic cloves and allow the coconut oil to cool down. Apply the warm coconut oil on the back and massage using small, circular motions.

Eat plenty of pineapple to get relief from chronic backache. Bromelain, a potent enzyme which is present in pineapple, is well known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. This particular enzyme can soothe sore muscles and ease back ache. It is advisable for people who suffer from chronic back ache to eat a small bowl of ripe pineapple chunks everyday, to reduce the intensity of pain. Furthermore, drinking fresh pineapple juice is also highly effective in mitigating backache.

Hot Compress
Placing a hot compress on your sore back muscles can ease inflammation and pain. From time immemorial, heat therapy has been used to relieve backache particularly lower back pain. The warmth which emanates from a hot compress switches on heat receptors at the site of backache. These heat receptors in turn shut down the chemical messengers which trigger pain.

For this particular home remedy simply dip a thick face towel in a bowl of hot water. Wring out the excess water from the towel. Fold the towel in half lengthwise and place the heated towel flush against the skin. The warmth from the hot compress will instantly relieve backache.

Turmeric, a spice which is widely used in Indian cuisine, contains a trio of yellow orange chemicals called curcumin. Curcumin has been used to treat a variety of maladies including backache. Medical research has proven the fact that curcumin can effectively reduce swelling and pain due to osteoarthritis. Spinal osteoarthritis is one of top causes for excruciating back pain.

To prepare this home remedy, heat a glass of milk. Dissolve a quarter teaspoon of organic turmeric powder in the warm milk. Have this potent drink to get relief from sore and aching back muscles.

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