9 Sicknesses That Can Be Treated With Marijuana Cannabis

Nine Sicknesses That Can Be Treated With Marijuana

Some Sicknesses That Can Be Treated With Marijuana.

Marijuana is undeniably the most controversial plant in the world. Some claim it is bad, others claim it makes people go mad, many claim otherwise; yet we cannot deny the many benefits of this herb to mankind.

Before we jump to the medicinal benefits of marijuana, I’ll like us to establish some facts  about Marijuana.

Shen Nung, an ancient Chinese Emperor, is said to have been the first person to make mention of the marijuana plant. This was in 2727 BCE. 

His reference of marijuana was made in his book titled “Shennong Ben Cao Jing”, where he recommended marijuana as a medication for rheumatism, menstrual problems, gout, malaria, and absent-mindedness. 

Over the years, the marijuana plant has not only been valued for its use as medicine, but also for fiber and rope, 

food and for its psychoactive properties, as well as for its religious and recreational use. 

Marijuana is known all over the world by different people and in different tongues and languages. In india, it is called ganja. In the west, it is called wee.

In Jamaica, it is called marihuana, In Nigeria, it’s well known as “eegbo”.

In all over the world, there are over 1000 slang names for marijuana. However,  scientists choose to call it cannabis.

Note: It was never a crime to use marijuana until the 14th century AD when it was first restricted in the Islamic world. 

And by the 20th century AD, the use of marijuana became criminalised in most countries.

Surprisingly in this 21st century, some civilised nations began to change their approaches to Marijuana.

The Netherlands became the first nation to decriminalise the use of marijuana; and in 2015 Uruguay followed suit.

Canada legalised marijuana in 2018,  followed by  South Africa and Lesotho in 2019.

More countries are beginning to debat on legalising the use of marijuana In their respective territories.

This sudden change towards marijuana by world nations cannot be unconnected with the recent discoveries made by scientists about marijuana.

Scientists have discovered that there are over  5000 things marijuana can be used for. And these uses, they have  largely classified into 4; namely:

  •  Medicinal uses
  •  Industrial uses
  •  Recreational uses and
  •  Religious uses. 

 Having realised the importance of marijuana, nations have no choice but to clamour for its legalisation. 

In view of this, the importance of marijuana to mankind cannot be over-emphasised. But subject to the aim of this article,

we shall only limit ourselves to some of its  health benefits. We shall be highlighting  9 sicknesses that can be treated with the use of this herb.

However, In subsequent articles, we shall endeavor to explore other uses. 

For now, here are 9 sicknesses/diseases that marijuana can help you treat:

1. Cancer:

Cannabinoids are  compounds found in marijuana and they have been shown to kill cancer cells 


A number of studies show that medical marijuana can improve the health condition of HIV/AIDS- patients.

3. Epilepsy:

Marijuana have been proven to be very effective at reducing the frequency and severity of epilepsy seizures.

4 Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

Marijuana can improve the health condition of IBD patients

5. Insomnia:

Marijuana is an effective therapy for a range of sleep disorders, including insomnia.

Marijuana has been proven to reduce sleep latency and improve quality of sleep.

6. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiplesclerosis is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It has been shown that marijuana medicinal extracts can help regulate this disease.

7. Spinal Cord Injury:

Research suggests marijuana can help patients treat the pain and muscle spasms that are often symptomatic of a spinal cord injury

8. Spinal cord disease:

Patients living with a spinal cord disease may find therapeutic value in using marijuana based medicine.

9. Arthritis:

Marijuana can be used to suppress the disease activity of arthritis.

Dear reader,  there are many other health conditions that marijuana can help improve. We shall continue to shed more light on the

usefulness of  marijuana in subsiquent posts. However, we must not forget the fact that smoking burns the lungs.

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