6 Mistakes to Avoid in Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a boisterous affair, mostly because of the many different human factors that are embroiled in the process of making the big day a memorable success. But, often, as much as we plan, we are still susceptible to mistakes that rear their heads at the unlikeliest moments and could potentially soil the quaintness of the process.
There are some potentially dangerous mistakes to avoid in making the best of the preparation and the eventual outcome of the budding occasion.
Allowing Too many Human Factors determine the outcome of the Wedding
When you do this, you’re simply robbing your occasion of the personal feel it needs to sprout into a collection of magical memories. Involving too many persons in the planning stage of your wedding can take its toll on you for the simple reason that you have too many persons to check up on for a kind of status report.
Being uncomfortable about Discussing Finances
Somehow, people squirm when they have to discuss money matters; not in passing as they would have liked, but in a personal way that affects them.
Couples about to take the plunge also run this risk. Worse than this is thinking that, by not talking about something, it disappears in a puff of smoke. Sadly, money matters never play a disappearing act. Discussing finances and the limitations it carries, especially with your spouse-to-be could save you a great deal of restlessness.
Following trends to the letter
Trends are trending but have you thought about what you really want? Don’t make the mistake of being so caught up in following trends exactly that you forget to imbue your ceremony with a feel of ‘you’ as a couple.
Always agitated because you feel that your choice is not the best one and can be better. Nothing will be better with a mindset of indecision because, instead of thinking about what and how something could work, you’re invested in what will not work and, therefore, flitting from one idea to another.
Letting relationship issues slide until after the wedding
The issues you let slide because s/he popped the question are not taking a hike. In fact, they are patient. As a rule of thumb, try tackling those relationship issues that could metamorphose into marital issues.
Perfectionism: Expecting that things will go EXACTLY as planned
This speaks for itself. A myriad of things can go wrong through vainly thinking you can have a hold of all the bits of a process. The irony becomes obvious when the exact opposite happens. Sometimes, it’s a good look to let the process surprise you. After all, we find the best things when we are not looking.

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