How To Overcome Prayerlessness

Nobody was born with prayer anointing. Every man of prayer grow his prayer life. Prayer life is not a gift it is developed and nurtured.

It is prayer that ignite the spirit of prayer in you. It is prayer that’s teaches you how to pray.

The reason why your prayer life is weak, barren, inconsistent, and empty is because of your misconception of prayer.

Most people don’t know that you must grow in prayer to become a man of prayer. The same way you grow in life that’s how your prayer life must grow. Can you imagine how strong you would have been if you’ve given yourself to prayer? It is an error to start praying when you need a man to marry.

Without a correct perspective about prayer your prayer stamina would be very small. Prayer is not just a direct line to get across to God to meet your needs and desires. It is a system of knowing God and knowing Him beyond superficiality.

The best thing prayer can do to you is to change your life. To uproot your lusts, weaknesses, Prayelessness, lukewarmness, immorality and iniquity. Most of us focus on prayer delivering cars, spouse, houses, certificate, favour etc. Prayer life is outcome of conquering Prayelessness in your life.

The reason many campus fellowship generals, Mama and Papa, fireful brothers and sisters lose it completely after school is because they see prayer as a tool for collecting things from God not a system of knowing God for themselves. I pity those that jump up and down for programmes but don’t have a prayer life they may end up being the worst enemy of themselves.

Until you start using your prayer time as a time to knock out lukewarmness, immorality, iniquity, Prayelessness , distraction and carelessness from your life then your spiritual life don’t have a future.

A prayer life is a tool for knowing God. If your prayer life is not a tool for knowing God then divine direction and knowing who to marry will be a very difficult thing in your life.

Those who want to use God as an errand boy to bring job, spouse, favour, food, clothes, cars houses etc always have little prayer stamina.

When you’re praying always let your heart be connected to your mouth. When you’re singing worship songs in the secret place if your heart is not interpreting what you’re singing then God’s presence may not be evident with you there. That’s how to keep yourself from distraction in prayer.

The reason we lack spiritual and prayer stamina is because of the failure of our hearts to interpret what we sing or say in prayer and worship. It is easy to bring down God’s presence if your heart give you imagination of what you’re praying or singing about in the secret place.

If prayer is the master key then praying in the spirit is the exact key.

I want you to know that prayer is hard work and discipline but as you struggle and push yourself to pray daily you’re attracting the spirit of prayer that will make prayer become your lifestyle and art of consecration. You can’t backslide in prayer when the spirit of prayer rest on you.

Once prayer becomes an act of consecration then it is impossible to backslide in prayer.

If you want to conquer wandering thoughts in prayer, always let your mind interpret what you’re singing or saying in prayer. It is easy to connect God with a heart that’s interpreting what you’re saying in prayer.

One sure way to get God’s presence and attention in prayer is to acknowledge your helplessness. A heart that accepts his helplessness always draw divine presence.


1. OH Lord create in me hunger for your presence in Jesus name.

2. Fire of prayer rest on me in Jesus name.

3. Holy Spirit give me visitation of the night in Jesus name.

4. Grace for consistency and diligence rest on me in Jesus name.

5. Holy fire consume me in Jesus name.

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