31 Rules: How To get any girl you want

There are many rules to play this game of dating. Those who choose not to play will always come back looking for this article. I dare and double dare you to prove me wrong.

Theses are the rules:

1. Believe whatever the woman SHOWS you at first. Don’t be blinded by love.

2. Women are only acting upon set rules placed on them by hormones. And if you learn how to handle them, you’ll be blessed with their positive sides, if you don’t learn, you’ll be cursed by their negative sides.

3. Women are ruled by their emotions, so learn to use it to your advantage. To do this, you’ll have be ruled by logic.

4. Your greatest defense against manipulation by women is to learn to manipulate them.

5. Always lead a woman in a relationship. You should always be in control in the relationship. If you don’t know to, learn it!

6. Do not be the bitch in the relationship. Lead always. Always be the uninterested one.

7. Women are as sexual as men are, don’t be deceive. They desire it as men do. Moreso, nature kept special days called ovulation periods to torture them unrelentingly. Always make the move.

8. The moment you feel you can’t live without a girl, you’ve lost her. You’d be exhibiting unattractive traits that will only make her feel superior to you. A girl always needs to feel she loves you more than you love her.

9. Less means more when it comes to women. Less calls. Less chats. Less everything. Make her feel insufficiently attended to.

10. Never take advice on sleeping with women from other women.

11. What is unsaid when with women is often more than what is said. Learn to use your eyes more when flirting with women.

12. When caught cheating, always always deny. Deny and deny. She will convince herself in time.

13. Always treat a woman’s tantrums like you would a child’s. Firm and unpersuaded.

14. Buying, begging and changing for girl will only increase her disdain for you. Never ever do that!

15. If think she’s cheating, she has already cheated. Your instincts subconsciously picked up changes in her behavioural pattern. Believe your instincts.

16. Never fully trust a woman. It’s not in their character to be trustworthy. EVERY WOMAN!

17. You’re never truly ready for a relationship until you know what’s out there. Chat up 20 women. Then chat up another 20. Get gather data on what you really want before you settle.

18. The moment you make a woman your life, is the moment she’s walking out of yours. Never make feel like she has you all to herself.

19. Always treat a woman like something you want to lose. You’ll never lose her.

20. Women would rather sleep around with a psychopath unstable guy, than a guy she has more influence over. Even though you’re stable and sane.

21. Don’t even make her feel special. Make her know she’s nothing. Trust me, they prefer it that way.

22. Always let her say I love you first. She’ll respect you for your self control.

23. Watch what a girl does; not what she says!

24. If a girl dumps you, never take her back. The relationship will always be doomed to fail again and again.

25. If you notice one red flag, prepare to leave. Two, start packing your bags. Three, you had better be long gone by then.

26. Women lie. Get over it. Learn to play the game too.

27. The more money you have, the more attractive you are to the materialistic ones. But learn to put up a humble front at first to screen out the golddiggers.

28. Women are hypergamous. Deal with it. Be a man of high market value.

29. Never set aside your life goals to please a woman. You’ll never please her and you’ll be miserable.

30. You’ll never lose a woman by having other admirers.

Never focus on one woman. You’ll lose her and lose all the others too.

31. You have no other choice than to play this game.

It’s like the gravitational law, you’ll always fall down in obedience. 

Published by Ernest I.

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