Don’t Eat Bread If You Have Any Of These 3 Medical Conditions

Bread is something that have become like a staple food for man, most Nigerians eat this usually in combination with tea, akara, pap, or in some cases even indomie.

However please read through this article carefully to find out which 3 medical conditions should not go with frequent eating of bread.

Bread is made up of flour, sugar, salt, butter and yeast; these ingredients form the basic recipe for making bread.

Now if you take a look at these ingredients, you’ll find out that none of these ingredients are actually so good for man. The major nutrient in bread is basically carbohydrate and fat, from the butter.

Then these ingredients are mixed together to form a batter, then placed in an oven for baking. They are usually done in batches especially for commercial purposes.

As much as we love to eat bread because it is so easy to make into a meal and it is quite affordable, among various other reasons, it is actually not so good for our health.

Below are medical conditions that should not go with frequent eating of bread.

1) Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

This might sound like a big name but it is actually something that a lot of people suffer from quite often.

Have you ever felt abdominal pain or cramping, or feel like your stomach is filled with air, a symptom called bloating, and these symptoms only get better after you use the toilet?

Or have you ever had constipation, excess gas, frequent belching or mucus in stool, coupled with the other symptoms? Then chances are that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

All these symptoms sound awful and very uncomfortable but they are also very common. And bread have been known to cause constipation and make you feel bloated, which are major symptoms of IBS.

2) High blood pressure(Hypertension).

High blood pressure is usually defined as a blood pressure rate above 140/90 and it is very severe when it gets to 180/120.

A common recommendation for people with Hypertension is that they avoid salt in their food and eat as little as possible of anything that has salt.

However, bread, like most processed foods, is packed full of salt. Manufacturers of these processed foods want to make their products tastier and that is one of the reasons why it is usually packed full with salt. 

3) Diabetes. 

This is a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose (or blood sugar), which leads over time to serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. 

The most common is type 2 diabetes, usually in adults, which occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin or does not make enough insulin. 

Well bread is just a warm basket of everything a diabetic person should not eat. Apart from bread containing a large amount of carbohydrate, it also contains a lot of sugar in it.

White bread is a refined grain, not a whole grain. When eaten, it has a high glycemic index and can directly lead to elevated blood sugar levels.

Plus this processed form has been striped of alot of its fiber and nutrients, leaving you with high quantity of carbohydrate and sugar.

So for those with these medical conditions, my advice is that you try to avoid eating bread, while others can just eat it in moderate quantity.

Thank you for viewing through this article, kindly do well to ask questions where you are not getting it, drop your questions in the comments sessions as I will try my best to give you speedy replies.

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