Don’t Die Young: See 8 Common Foods You Should Avoid If You Want to Live Long

Please do not come for my head already because I will be mentioning some of your favorite meals in this article.

You know, it is better to be cleared about what you are eating than eating in ignorance and wasting your life.

I have decided to share some common food which seem to have a negative impact in our life.

Times are hard and people eat just anything to survive. Some foods especially traditional meals we eat are not even healthy. We eat them because we want to be loyal and also promote our culture thereby ignoring the health benefits and consequences and how they effect our body systems.

When we eat some of these foods, they reduce our lifespan as against what we know about food; which is anything we eat to grow well and be alive.

Like I said earlier, do not come at me already because I will be mentioning some of your favorite meals which are unsafe for your health.

My advice for you is, even If you must consume these meals, let it be in small amount and you mustn’t eat them all the time.

1. Instant Noodles

Please, tell me, who doesn’t like noodles? I went to a wedding reception and the bride was asked of her favourite food, of all the meals in this world, could you believe what was her answer? Noodles.

This goes on to tell you how both the children and adults alike love noodles.

The taste and the quick cooking time plus the cheap price made it a delight.

But I must tell you this, noodles are not good for your health especially the kidney and heart. Noodles has high sodium contents which is not good for the aforementioned body system.

Do me a favour, when next you buy a pack of noodles, check the ingredients part you would see ‘Styrofoam’. This singular element raises the body’s risk of cancer.

So, I didn’t say you shouldn’t eat but be careful while at it.

2. Eba/Garri

Yoruba people do not come for my head yet. Eba is made from cassava and it is mostly eaten by Yorubas. Eba or garri has 90% carbohydrates.

Now, the high quantity of starch in this Eba is a no no for the body. Imagine eating EBA in the night? Talk about going to bed with a flat tummy and waking up with a protruding stomach.

Eba contributes to increase in weight, diabetes and heart disease. I advice you don’t eat EBA always and be mindful of portion control if you want to live long.

3. Rice

Rice has become a staple food in every Nigerian home. Gone are the days when it was food for the rich. It is of two types, the white and the brown rice.

Brown rice is healthier than the white. The white one has been processed and lacks certain natural nutrients. And when white rice is eaten, it becomes sugar and is processed as fat in the body.

When consistently eaten, obesity can lead to heart disease , stroke and diabetes type 2.

4. Fried Plantain

I believe many people love plantain like I do. You can prepare it in different varieties but the one I love best is fried riped plantain.

One a normal day, plantain is very good because it contains B6 and C, iron and can also cure ulcer. But when you waits till it get overripe like I used to like it then go ahead to fry it, I bet you, you are in for trouble.

Plantain is high in carbohydrates and more calories are created when fried in oil, which means that they are very harmful to your health.

5. loaf of bread

Bread contains an element known as potassium bromate which raises the risk of corporal cancer. The starch content is also very high and continuous consumption may lead to risk of diabetes.

6. Egusi soup

I know I’m getting on many people’s nerves already but please tamper justice with mercy.

I know that egusi soup which goes perfectly with either pounded yam, fufu and semovita is the favourite meal of many. No wonder it is served in many occasions and ceremonies. But it is sad that alot of people do not even know how unhealthy this Egusi soup is.

Egusi contains phytosterols which compete with cholesterol. When it penetrates into the digestive system it leads to various complications in our systems.

7. Energy Drinks

Soda and energy drinks contains high quantity of sugar and caffeine which is very bad for your health.

It is better of to take good amount of water that let your system be saturated with soda or energy drinks.

One of my friends had cardiac arrest and when she was taken to the hospital, the doctor confirmed that she had been taken too much energy drink.

This is not to discourage anyone or bringing down brands but too much of it will lead to anxiety, headaches, diabetes, insomnia and high blood pressure.

8. Nutmeg

For those who use nutmegs in vurtually everything; chinchin, stew meatpie, pizza please hear this, nutmegs have high proportion of adverse effects on your wellbeing.

Nutmeg contains psychoactive drug particle called myristicin and the toxicity of these caises seizures, palpitations, nausea , vomiting and generalized body pain.

Please desist from usage or use sparingly.

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Note: The pictures used are for illustrative purposes.

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