5 Common Attitudes Of Weak Men

When it comes to attitude and mental behavior, everyone will easily assume that it should be a common thing among all human race.

But that is not the case at all, infact people differ in all regards and aspects of life, that is not limited to just how we behave and act accordingly to our inner selves, but it is borne in our genes as well.

That is to say, most things or attitudes you see men exhibit today are just characteristics traits.

Also there are certain characters of men that are easily interpreted as weakness, and I have taken time to summarize the five most common attitudes below.

1. Apology

Incessant apologizing now and then when you are with your peers is just another common way of showing that your personality as a man is weak, far too weak.

Well since you don’t want to offend anyone then you tends to apologize now and often.

2. Intimidating others

Intimidating others is seen as an easy way to show that you are dominant over others, weaker men tends beat others into submission and that won’t go well with most people.


3. Shouting And Brawling

Who will even tolerate such attitudes, indeed this is not a good way for a gentleman to behave.


4. Begging

Most men find it easy to do so when they are with their peers, actually only low individuals begs for almost anything.

5. Pride

Well this last one is the most deadly of them all, pride is just a as bad as it sounds, you should never, as a true man take pride to be part of your characters.


Published by Ernest I.

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