4 Rituals that Attract Money and Riches to You, Try Any of These Today

Surviving in this world demands your hard work and dedication. Making money demands your energy, attention and determination. Money and wealth can be owned by anyone but not everyone can successfully look for them since making money is so hard.

You might have tried all you thought could help you make money but at the end you have achieved nothing. You don’t have to loose hope though, your time is coming. No hard work will ever go unrewarded and that is obvious. It is just a matter of time before your succeed.

However, some people have believed in some money rituals and spells. You will find some who claim to have made their wealth and money via these rituals and spells. Some people have claimed that they didn’t work for them. Sounds weird, maybe they didn’t do the rituals the right way.

Today I am making you aware of some of the famous and most practised money rituals in Africa. Some of these rituals work as specific countries alone and to specific people so I am not asking anyone to try.

1. The lunar money ritual.

This is a very powerful money ritual which so many people have used to attract money and riches in different parts of Africa. This ritual doesn’t sound satanic as some do. It is not a satanic ritual either.

How to do; start the ritual by making your mind clear. Close your eyes and think about riches in form of gold and silver in your yard. You can reinforce that by chanting words of success you think will work best.Don’t think of other things which can divert your attention to get better results from the universe.

2. The money attraction ritual.

From the word attraction you realize something. This ritual demands the wish of your heart and the power of your mind. Just that. This ritual is not satanic since there is no satanic offering is done.

How to do; This is one of the safest rituals ever. What you have to do is to think about money. Make money and wealth your wish and keep that in mind. It is sayed “what you wish is what you get”

3. The instant money rituals.

According to english, instant means an immediate result. This ritual gives the most instant results. It is not a satanic ritual also.

You don’t need a lot of items to perform this ritual. You just need a green candle. Why a green candle? Green is the colour off dollar bill.

How to do; This is not a very complicated procedure. Find a place you can comfortably carry on your ritual. Light the candle and begin to believe that you are going to make a lot of money through many channels.

4.Money into pocket incantation ritual.

This ritual does not demand much. You just need a full concentration of the mind and and your undivided willpower. This ritual is not satanic. It doesn’t sound satanic either.

How to do: close your eyes to minimize obstruction and disturbance which will cause diversion of your mind. Start visualizing on huge amounts of money flowing into your bank account, wallet and your home.

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