Wealth Secrets: See 3 Reasons Why Abraham Was Very Wealthy

To begin, this is a financial cum business article and not a religious one. However, it contains information from the Bible and has its base therein.

 Abraham is arguably the most influential figure in the old testament of the Bible. Aside being wildly known as the “father of faith”, he was also a prominent financial and business player. From records in the scriptures, Abraham had hundreds of servants who even got married and had children in his house. It can be regarded that Abraham was feeding and catering for a whole community.

Abraham was so wealthy that those close to him ultimately became wealthy. Lot is a typical example.

In our world today, many Jews will tell you that they deserve to be wealthy simply because they are the seeds of Abraham.

Back to the gist on some reasons why he was very wealthy, there is a scriptural passage you should see:

“And Abraham was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.” Genesis 13:2 (KJV).

From the expression above, there are 3 reasons behind the wealth of Abraham that will be pointed out. These reasons are still and will remain valid for life.

Take a look at this expression, “And Abraham was very rich in…” This brings us to the first reason.

1. Abraham was a doer.

Abraham was rich because he had something doing. Your blessings will come from the works of your hand and not the wishes of your heart. You can not become rich by idly sitting and watching. People wish a lot and do little. People dream a lot and rarely step out to get the job done. It is tragic that many young people would rather sit at home ‘gisting’ instead of working. These same folks want to buy the best luxuries there is.

Do something. Start a business. Get a job. Sell something. People pay for created value. Yes, create value for people to pay for. Stop speaking grammar and start doing something (except you are paid to speak). Enough of the talks. Shut up and do!

2. Abraham had multiple streams of income.

From the scripture stated above, Abraham was rich in cattle, silver and gold. He was running 3 businesses successfully. He had a chain of businesses.

It is not wise to live your life with dependency on only one source of income. Having just one source of income makes your financial life vulnerable. This is because if anything happens to that source of income, your whole life might quake. Even God had to water the garden of Eden using 4 different rivers.

You do not necessarily had to quit your 9-5. Think of something else. Invest in a startup. Invest in real estate. Buy shares. Use your money or time to earn more. Think of passive incomes.

3. Average was not an option for him.

Abraham was not just rich but “VERY RICH”. He was not the type to be comfortable with being just rich. Average is not enough. It is not enough to have resources that can cater only for your immediate family. Have enough that can reach others. Have enough to take care of the helpless. Have enough to leave behind for the next generation. Do settle for average. Do not just be a player; be a major player. Your target should be big enough. Plan big and play big. Stop being small-minded.

Do you not think that being good is no longer good enough? Be better. Stretch your reach. Learn more. Earn more. Do more. Live more. Be more.

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