As a human being, everyone is craving to be successful, rich and probably famous in life. But there are some things that can delay or even hinder us from achieving such aim, particularly those ones we don’t put into consideration.

Here are some things you need to be ready to forgo if you want to be great in life: 

  1. Impatience: It takes a steady and gradual route to be successful in life. To reach the peak of success, you need to be patient enough. Every individual wants to be rich and famous within a reasonable period of time but it’s not everyone that will be willing to exercise patience.
  2. The lazy life mentality: While planning to be successful in life, laziness should be avoided at all cost. That mentality that you can achieve anything without working hard towards it should be thrown away. You need to work hard and be dedicated. You’ll be glad by the time you realized how far you’ve gone.
  3. Living an overly expensive life: It is actually good to be able to afford most of the things we need in our daily life. The negative part is the urge to live a life beyond our means (income). Perseverance matters a lot. Sooner or later you will afford the luxury.
  4. Accepting Setbacks: If a thing goes wrong, always try to accept it, then learn from your mistakes and try as much as possible to move on. Don’t allow your setback to pull you down. Even your plan might not work at all time, so you have to learn and keep moving.
  5. Spending time on useless stuffs: Time is one of our valuables. It plays a vital role on our way to success. Engage yourself in things that will add positively to you. Stop spending excess time on social media, irrelevant topics and fun.
  6. Over Depending on others: If you truly want to achieve in life, then you should be able to rely on yourself likewise you should be able to stand firmly. Doing this, you will be glad seeing what you’ve achieved so far by yourself.
  7. Detest for great books: Reading and learning from successful people is of help. It is actually a way for you to learn from their mistakes and to make use of their successful tactics. Always try to read, most importantly books that will add to your value.
  8. Bad sleeping habit: Avoid excess sleeping and ensure you sleep early and wake early, by doing this; you will achieve many things during the day. It is very essential that you rest at the correct time. Excessive sleep will not contribute to your success story.
  9. Pessimism: You need to avoid this too. You can’t be successful while you are having a feeling in your mind that things will go bad or something might not be successful. Be optimistic, Be bold and say “yes am going to achieve this”. Just be optimistic and positive and things will work well.
  10. Distance from God: To crown it all, you need to be close with your God, allow Him to intervene in your life. Do not forsake Him.

Published by Ernest I.

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