If you have a bank account do these to your ATM card before your money is been withdrawn by unknown persons

Good day, my lovely people I hope you are enjoying your day? I don’t have much to say but I would like to tell you how to secure your ATM automated teller machine from the wicked people. As you all know that most of the youth of nowadays are no ready to work to meet up with their daily needs instead they involve in fraud like Yahoo, scam people through their ATM card. Most people have fallen in this victim of their ATM card due to their lack of security over their ATM card but today I would like to show you how to secure your ATM card. Even if you lost your ATM you don’t need to bother your self by rushing to the bank to block it.

Let assume that you lost your ATM on Friday evening when the bank has already been closed for the week do you think your money in the bank is safe till Monday when the bank will be open? Do you think if Yahoo guy sees the ATM card don’t you think they will withdraw the money before you get to the bank? And I want you to know that Yahoo guys do not need much of you details apart from the digits number in front of your ATM, three digits number at the back of your the same ATM, and the expiry date, once they get these three things my brother and my sister the money in your account is gone.

Now let me tell you one thing you can do to your ATM card once you collect it from the bank. The thing is that :

** I would advise you to erase some of the digits numbers in front of your ATM card and some of the three numbers at the back even if possible your expiry date with this I’m sure that your ATM card is saved. With this, I hope I find it helpful. Wait don’t forget to click on the follow button is very important. Thank you

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