7 Reasons Why Some People Will Never Make It In Life, Check If You Are Affected

Being poor is one of the worst things that can ever happen to anybody because you will be made to experience so many hardships and might never get to places you always wanted to be.

Lack of self confidence and low self esteem are one of the many things that come alongside being poor. 

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Despite the fact we are living in a world surrounded by investments and wealth, some persons are still living their lives in poverty and many will remain so because of certain things they are failing to do.

In this article today, we shall be taking a closer look at seven reasons why some people will never make it life.

Give this write up your total attention, so that you will know what you have been doing wrong and why you have not yet broken the poverty chain.

1. Lack of Self Motivation:

A lot of persons living in poverty today lacks a good sense of self motivation. 

They don’t have the desire and willingness to try out new things, rather they keep on doing the same things they have been doing repeatedly. 

No motivation to change business locations when their present place is not yielding enough profits. They are sometimes scared of the competition in the outside world. 

If you must break off from the poverty chain, you have to embrace self motivation. 

2. Inability to plan with a goal in mind:

Every successful business man has a goal he is pursuing. 

You just can’t start a business without having a final destination in mind. You have to set down your goals and then find out ways to achieve them. 

A goal gives direction and without direction, you can not get to your final destination. 

If your goal is to make it big in life from what you are doing, then you have to consider doing things that will help you get there. 

3. Improper time management:

Time is a major tool in every successful business venture. For a business to succeed, the owner must be able to manage time.

For every task you want to undergo as a businessman, you must work within a particular deadline.

If you tell your customers you will deliver a week later, you should learn to deliver within that one week period. 

If you can do that, you will gain your customers trust and they will keep on coming back because you will not dissapoint them

4. Poor investment planning:

So many businesses are failing today because the owners do not know how to invest wisely. 

Money is made to be spent to give away for greater profits.

Invest your money wisely in things you know that will be profitable to you. 

The fact that your friend is doing well in one areas of business does not mean you should invest in that line too. 

Ask questions first, beige thinking of investing.

5. Unwillingness to take risk:

So many people have not yet made it today because they are unwilling to take risks. 

The fear of losing their capital if they invest their money in a particular business rings more in their heads rather than what they stand to gain if the business succeeds. 

Learn to take risk, invest wisely and you will break the poverty chain.

6. Spending more than what you earn:

If a business man must make it in life, he must learn how to spend from his profits and not eating from his capital and profits.

Some persons spend more than what they earn and that is a major reason why they will never make it in life. 

Spend withing the profits you make and save some to reinvest into your business alongside the already existing capital so that your business will keep on growing.

7. Lack of proper planning:

You don’t just do something without making plans for it. Before you go into any kind of business with the aim of making profits, there are some certain questions you must ask yourself. 

Will this business succeed, why am I going into this business and where should I set up this business? All these are questions you must ask yourself. 

If you have gotten an answer to that, then you can plan in that direction before starting the business.

Thanks for reading through, I believe you have learnt something from this write-up. If you fall into any of the category mentioned above, kindly have a rethink and do what is expected of you.

If you must become great and successful in life, you have to pay the price for it otherwise, you will forever remain poor.

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