Your Children May Never Make Progress In Life If You Don’t Tell Them These 4 Things

The gift of children is unarguably one of the best gift giving to humanity by God. It is the prayer of every married woman on earth for God to bless her with her own children, it is equally a man’s prayer to have something he will provide for. Children gives a lot of respect to parents, gives them the hope that they have got people that will care for them during their old age. 

To hope is one thing, but to actualize is another thing. Every parents believe so much that their children are going to be great in life, that one is normal, but the mistake most of them make is by not nurturing them, training them properly and telling them all the useful things they need to become successful. As a father or mother, hoping that your children will be great and prosperous is null and void without you playing your part. 

It might be true that sometimes children create nuisance to the society, become useless and create so many problems to their various families even after their parents worked very hard to train them properly. Those children disappointed their parents, and that has been one of the reason why some parents don’t put so much strength in training their children nowadays, but I believe that the reason is never justified. As a parent you shouldn’t starve your children of the advice and proper training they needed to prosper in life, just because of what happened to others. 

Parents kindly make sure you let your children know these 4 things below. They are the things they must know to progress in life, without knowing them, they may be easily mislead, which might eventually lure them into the dark. Those 4 things are mentioned below:

1. Car is not a Mark of wealth

In this modern world, human mentality is changing and a lot of people (especially young people) have inculcated the notion that frivolities, unimportant things are now mark of wealth. You see so many of them borrowing money to buy clothes, cars, party hard, do all sort of things that will never add value to their lives, in the long run those things come back to affect them badly, and they are left to grieve in solitude and regrets. 

Dear parents, please you’re the only ones that will change that mentality in your children. You must let them know that being of good character, pursuing their dreams steadfastly and making money are more important than car show-offs. Once in a while, call them to come and sit beside you and then talk to them gently. You need to talk sense into their brains before they get carried away. 

2. Their success depends on their hardwork, not in their parents

Parents contribute in big ways towards ensuring that their children become successful in life, but the whole work is not left for parents alone, children has to play their own part too. As a matter of fact, parents can only offer 30 percent contribution and the rest must come from the children. Depending on the parents to provide everything that a child needs is very wrong, like already said above, parents must make their contributions too. 

A child that greatly depends on his/her parents for almost everything may not progress in life. He may grow to a point where he can never do something on his own. What do you expect to see from a somebody who cannot do something on his own. As a parent, you must always tell your children what will give them confidence. Once in a while you should tell him “look junior, you must work hard to achieve your dreams, don’t think I am the one that will give you everything you need”, in this way the child will know something different from what he used to hear from his/her friends. 

3. If they enter into relationship earlier in life, they will destroy their lives

Always caution your children on the bad effects of going into early or immature relationships. As a parents you’re supposed to be the one to tell them what they needed to know about relationship. So many parents believe that they should not trouble themselves much, that even after telling their children, they will still choose what they want to do. But even at that, you should do your work very well, then hope for the best. 

Early relationship has been destroying the talent of so many young boys and girls. It has hindered a lot of people from going far in life, creating nuisances in the society, and the bitter thing is that those affected people blame their parents at last, for not advising them properly. As a parent, endeavor to do the needful for your children, then hand other things in the hands of God. 

4. In anything they do, they should always remember their background and where they come from

Knowing where you come from, how your parents suffered so hard to raise you and what awaits you in the future is very important, but it seems like most young men of this generation doesn’t care about that again. You will see a young man from a poor family spending lavishly, partying hard with people from rich homes, not knowing that those people come from different backgrounds. At the end, the person will eventually start regretting his/her actions. Sometimes they may even blame their parents for not giving them good advice.

On a normal, a child supposed to know the financial status of his family and what his/her family can afford. He must always have his family background in mind, and that will make him to always work harder to reach his dreams. But to avoid benefit of doubt, it is important that once in a while, parents should remind their children of their family background. A child knowing fully well that his parents are poor right from his/her tender age, that child will always be competent with what his/her parents have. In that situation, the child’s only focus will be to work very hard so that he can pull his family out of poverty.

This article is a big food for thought for all parents, something that will reflect their mind to roles they need to play for their children, to ensure they make progress in life. As a parent it is important that you take this article to the heart, do the needful and then put your trust in God, hopefully your children will be successful in life.

Start teaching them from their tender age

To young men and women out there, you needn’t to always wait for your parents advice to do what is right. You must know that your future lies in your hands. My father always tell me that the advice I give to myself is much better than the ones someone else gave to me, I believe you should also learn that too. Do what you know is right, do it in the right direction too, and watch out for a rapid progress in your life.

“All pictures are used for illustrations only” 

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