Fortron is a smart contract built under tron blockchain technology, which is unhackable and unstoppable

Fortron is a way to earn tron cryptocurrency massively, rather than buying them. Which means lots of money for those who join.

How does fortron work?
Fortron has 2 earning programs

  1. Referral program which is called FTR3
  2. Non referral program which is called FTR4

So to explain more
In FTR3 you earn when you refer or bring people into the platform. As easy as that

In FTR4 you earn with or without referrals
So its a win-win for everyone, even if you can refer or not you will earn.

How do you earn without referring anybody
Through Spillovers and Overflows from upline

Meaning that you earn bonuses from the person that brings you, and it comes automatically
You dont need to do anything, just join and you’ll be getting lots of spillovers and Overflows

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