Apply For World Bank Multi Billion Dollars COVID-19

Apply For World Bank Multi Billion Dollars COVID-19 Intervention Funds Assisted By CAP Network Canada Africa Partnership NEWS
Published 4 hours ago on September 19, 2020
By webmaster
RELATED TOPICS: The World Bank have set up plans for grass root, cultural sensitive, long- term focused growth of SMEs in the 36 states of the Federation and other nations of the world.
A socio economic targeted states population for enterprise hub spread
Few organizations have access to information on the best practices on networking or access to funding opportunities.
The world bank decision to dolse out Billion Dollars for SMEs as grants in affected nations of the world is to further intervene in Covid-19 Pandemic.
CANADA AFRICA PARTNERSHIP (CAP) is the facilitating partners of World Bank enterprise spread in Nigeria and other nations, targeted areas are Agricultural produce or industries, mining, welding, Artistic, fashion design, movie production etc.
9000 are the expected beneficiaries of 5million grant in each state of the federation.
Contact..CanadaAfricapartnership on…+1(236)5581786

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