Mr. Muhammad Okoro Gbenga in the morning, wakes up, turns off his alarm clock made in CHINA, gets out of his bedsheets woven in INDIA, puts on his clothes made from wool in BANGLADESH; shoes from ITALY, drinks his orange juice from SPAIN, puts milk made in FRANCE in his coffee produced in BRAZIL.
He jumps in his Toyota Camry car made in (JAPAN) to the TOTAL service station (FRANCE), he refuels and takes his KOREAN Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phone made in TAIWAN and buys data for his MTN SIM card (SOUTH AFRICA).
At noon, he leaves his COCA-COLA (USA) office. He joins his friend who smokes AMERICAN cigarettes. They eat CAMBODIAN rice, drink ITALIAN wines and when he returns home, watches the El Classico on DSTV (SOUTH AFRICA), without having spent a kobo on anything Nigerian.
And you want Nigeria to grow. It will take magic to guarantee that

Published by Ernest I.

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