10 Ways Some Girls Test A Guy Before Falling For Him.

I know this may seem very untrue to some guys but, most women do test men consciously or unconsciously before agreeing to date them. They do this because they want to be sure that they are not making a mistake by rushing into a relationship with a random stranger. Probably they have had a very toxic relationship in the past, therefore they want to make sure they do not find themselves in such relationships again.

Others test men just to ascertain the level of their patience and to be sure that they are just not another random guy who just want to have a taste of their cookies, or exploits them sexually or emotionally. They know that a very good percentage of guys out there attracts women only to get them laid and move on leaving them behind when they are done with her.

But as a guy, you have to pay very close attention to the timing because there is a very huge difference between when a girl is testing you, and when she is just not interested in whatever it is that you have to offer. You have to be very careful else you might appear creepy and get the police called on. With that been said, i bring you ten signs that the woman you are chasing is testing you.

1] She Delays Her Reply To Your Messages.

Have you ever been online chatting with a girl that you are chasing, and the conversation was going well but all of a sudden she muted you even though she is still online? She just stopped replying to your messages and you are left with no other option than to continue beeping her? She is testing your level of patience bro. Next time she does that, act like you never noticed until she replies you. If she does not reply after 24 hours, then beep her again. If you continue bomberding her with numerous messages, you might freak her out and turn her off.

2] She Agrees To Your Invitation But Never Shows Up.

This one can be very tricky though because girls who are not interested in you often use it too. But the difference is that a girl who is testing you will definitely call you to apologize and explain her framed up excuses why she couldn’t make it to your invitation. But a girl who is not interested in you will not call at all.

3] She Fakes Her Sickness.

Most girls will act like they are not feeling too well just to test your level of care and empathy towards others. Many guys fail this particular one, especially the guys who just want to have a taste of her cookies. A guy who is really serious about a girl will always pay her a visit to know what the problem is and maybe get some fruits and medicines for her to recover quickly.

4] She Comes Around You With Her Friends.

If you are chasing a girl and she comes around you with her friends most times, then she has told her friends about you and they are there to access you for her. It could be that she likes you but she is scared not to repeat same errors she has made in past relationships. In this case, you must try to be friendly with her friends because whatever they tell her that’s what she will likely do.

5] She Seems Faraway But Very Close.

Are you chasing a particular girl and sometimes you feel like she is yours already, but the next minute she is giving you cold shoulders? She wants you to push harder bro. She does not want to appear very cheap because women hate being taken for granted. She wants to have that feeling that you worked extra hard to get her. She is just testing you bro……she likes you don’t give up your chase.

6] She Pays Attention To How You Relate With People.

This one is not too obvious but it is always there most of the time. The way you talk to the people you are better than reflects your level of love for others. If you treat the less privilege like they mean nothing to you, then it is most likely that you will lose that girl, because she will tell you to your face that she cannot date somebody with such wickedness. Unless you are chasing a she-wolf.

7] She Gets Rude Slightly.

A girl who truly likes you will always behave in some type of way that will make you ask yourself that “hope you are not making a mistake in your life by going after her?” Calm down bro! She is testing your anger level. She wouldn’t wish to go into any long lasting relationship where she will be getting black eye for any slight offences she commits.

8] She Asks For Your Help.

You will notice that she always comes around you to seek for your assistance to do some little things that she could easily do by herself. Things like escorting her to run some little errands, or some other harmless gestures. Some of her request may seem ridiculous but please, do not decline because she is already falling for you.

9] She Does not Push Too Hard.

One way to know that a girl is testing you is that she communicates with you very well on phone but won’t make mention of what you are asking of her. She will leave you to talk about that yourself. Even when you bring the topic up, she will act like she isn’t paying much attention. She won’t be too pushy because she does not want to be seen as someone who is madly in love. At least not at the early stage of communication.

10] She Ask About Your Past Relationships.

A girl who is testing you would ask about your past relationships and how it ended. Most guys flopped on this one because they will go about putting all the blame on their exes, wrong move. When a girl ask you about your past relationships and how it ended, she is just trying to know if you are a guy who is ready for a long term relationship. If all your past relationships ended in two months, one month, few weeks, then you might likely lose her if she is looking forward to a long term relationship.

These are few ways most girls test a guy that is wooing them before they agree to date them. I must let you know that every girl have their own pattern of testing a guy but these are some of the most common ones they use often, so pay attention. Do well to like, comment and share this article for other guys to know too……one love.

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