For any student to excel academically there are secret of intelligence that must be known, these secret differentiate you from your fellow student and set you on a higher level of success academically are they as follow.
Set study Goals:
Goal is the objective of a person or what an individual seeks to achieve. If you must go far academically you must learn to set academic goals as a student. Study goals are topics and subjects you want to study within a period of time. The purpose of study Goals is to give focus and direction. As a student in secondary school, I used to set goal to finish each subject a least twice before the exams period and with much determination and discipline I achieve my goal and it made me to be among the best in my class.
Break the Material:
faster and better you must learn to break complex material into small bits and study. For example if you are finding it difficult to assimilate a topic of about ten pages, you can divide them into five pages and study them paragraph by paragraph separately.
Always Drink Water:
Water contains 70% of energy needed by the brain to process information. And for a Student it is good for your health. Studying and taking of water is a good practice for any student.
Take a Break and Rest:
Always take time to rest while studying. These will help your brain to easily assimilate the one’s you have read. Always rest whenever you feel tired, dizzy or your head begins to ache, or when you feel your brain is saturated. Rest 5-10minutes before continuing.
Write it Down:
Writing is part of learning, the more you write the more you know. Please always write down things you have learn on a piece of paper, it will help your brain to store it permanently.
Practice over Learning:
Over learning simply means learning a particular thing repeatedly over a period of time until it become internalized in you. Do not study a topic once; you should study it again until you perfectly understand it.
Share your Knowledge:
Another important way to learn is by teaching. Sharing is a way of growing, when you engage your brain in passing out knowledge to someone; it sharpens your brain, teaching others is a way of becoming more intelligent.
Always Ask Question:
Those who ask never miss their way, intelligent people have a habit of asking questions, whenever they are confused, and in fact it is a sign of curiosity and seriousness in you. Never fail to ask question when you are confused.
Study from different source of book:
If you want to be a guru in any subjects. Try to have at least 2-3 different text books on that subject that you can always study from.
Exercise and Eat Healthy Food:
food can affect your brain capacity to understand things. Eating of can food and gaseous food drinks is not too advisable for a student. Take more of natural food and fruit and also do some exercise more often, it will help you a lot.

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