Opinion: 5 Secrets to Keep From Your Wife For a Successful Marriage

I’m purposely bring up this article to enlighten men, especially young guys who are about marry.

Because, thousands of men nowadays have become unsuccessful due to the way they were handling their women after marriage. As a result of inexperienced about marital life.

Some have worked with all their strength to achieve what they are destined to become in life but unfortunately, they find themselves in lowest position despite all their efforts to make it happen.

That is why you will some couples living in agony few years after their marriage. Even, this issue have led to collapsing of many matrimonial homes who has been living happily before.

The believe of some men is that thier wives are the source of all these problems. Meanwhile, they are the architect of their own problem, due to they were interacting with their wives. Especially when they were having fun together, because most ladies believes that all men are born to like it and that is the best time to extract information from their husbands.

To understand this article better, I want you to take note of these five things, because it very, very much important and you must not reveal them to your wife, no matter how much you may love her, if you want to succeed in life.

These are the five things below:

1. You must avoid discussing the weakness areas of your parents with your wife. Because, it will downgrade your parents integrity in the presence of your wife. Whenever your wife is disrespecting your parents, this will reduce the blessing in your life.

2. Another secret you must avoid discussing with your wife is a top secret between you and your business partner. Because, anytime your business partner detected you are revealing the top secret between both of you for your wife, he/she will surely minimized his speech with you. And this may result collapsing of business between both of you.

3. Never revealed the secrets between you and blood brother, it will create hatred between both of you. Because, your brother will believe that you are mocking him in front of your wife and this may also unrest for you.

4. Another secret you must not tell your wife is amount of your salary or rate of your earning. Any man that engaged in this must correct himself after completing reading of this article. If he continues doing it, believe me, such man will achieve anything valuable things in this life, except expensive clothes, shoes, good food, spending money on the fun in every weekend. Most especially those who are living in area like Lagos, River State and other mega cities.

5. The last secret you must avoid telling your wife is the people you are helping. Especially financial aspects. Anytime you revealed this to your wife, she won’t look at such person with respective face again. Don’t doubt me because it a nature of every woman.

If you want to be a successful man in this life, you must learn how to keep some secrets for your wife. Note that not all the secrets are worth revealing to the wives.

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