Five Qualities Of A Poor Mindset

People with poor mindset are constrained from achieving financial success. Their mind thinks between certain cycle and don’t go beyond achieving great things. This mindset makes them always broke and a lot of them end up being poor. These set of people stop seeking knowledge after graduating from polytechnic,university or college of education. They have the mindset of “l just arrived” and many more terrible ideology that draws them back. You need to avoid the following mindset.


Because the mindset is to consume, they have little or no plan for savings nor investing. So, they lead a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and they are always broke because they want to lavish on their desire. They have the mindset of money is meant for spending so they want to enjoy their lives by spending recklessly and aimlessly. Their habit is just to consume once money flow into their hands. Their mindset is just to consume. They want the latest car, gadget and many more that destroys their finances but they are never financially aware, they just want to satisfy their desire. They have the same set of association who have that same consumer habits that lives them within the same zone.


They are always worried about money most times because their mindset sees scarcity everywhere than abundance. Everything seems to be very hard for them. Because they spend time being worried they live in lack wishing they had more and detesting people around them. Their mind is build to worry about money because they have needs ahead and they keep thinking and worrying about how to pay it. Even if they have no bill to pay, they worry about things to buy and they don’t have the money to buy it.


Because their mind is poor, they don’t know how to delay gratification so they are always late in paying their bills and attract more penalties to themselves. which affects their bills and accumulate debt for them. When they have the opportunity to invest, fear of losing money envelopes their mind so they prefer being on the safer side. They see more things wrong about investing and business so they prefer to save money.


They expect the world to give them more. They keep thinking and wishing for more but it never manifest. They see rich and exquisite luxury and they wish so much for them but it never materialised. They conclude that life is unfair. They even detest the rich and say lots of wrong things about them because they have developed the wrong mindset about them. They keep whinning and complaining about how unfair life is and how it never treated them well. They feel bitter and jealous about the wealthy. They desire for a piece of their money which never become reality.


Their mind is limited so they think small. Their belief system influences and restrict their mind to small things than bigger goals. They chase after little to nothing that they never achieve their goals. They chase after small goals which arises from their pessimistic nature. Because fear envelopes their mind, it becomes a barrier to them to scale great heights in life. They are always limited by their thoughts and they experience scarcity. small goals yield small result and they are contented and satisfied with where they are.


The mindset of the poor cause more harm than good. A shift of mindset changes everything. As a person thinks so are they. Make the right decision today to make a great change.

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Published by Ernest I.

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