If You Want To Live Long In Life, Here Are 3 Vital Things You Must Never Fight For (Details)

Note: Pictures Used in this article are only for illustrative Purpose.

Welcome to today’s article which is about life generally. The article will be highlighting some important factors which is responsible for untimely death among young and old especially in Africa.

The article promises to be educative, informative and Interactive as you carefully read along.

There is this popular saying that life is short hence we should not step on peoples toes anyhow we want.

Everyone who wakes up in the morning to go and work for their daily bread have a reason to do so because survival and being alive is very important.

It is quite understandable that some spiritual forces might be responsible for some people’s inability to live long in life yet we human being are still a major cause of some of those things. In life, you should be able to know that being smart and wise will make you scale through some hurdles and take you away from danger zones as and when due.

There have been many people who have fallen victims of bad occurrence in life because they couldn’t decide on what kind of battle to fight.

In as much as it is good that we fight for our right, at the same time we ought to know that there are some selected battle you do not fight. The reason why you should not fight some battle is probably because you are not equipped enough to do so or the battle is beyond your capacity.

In Africa, there have been a lot of cases which have made people lost their loved ones yet many other people haven’t learnt from such a thing.

If you are vigilant enough, watch the way our elders handle some issues with care and wisdom. Most times, these elderly ones admonish and encourage us to always make sure that we select the battle we want to fight so that we don’t end up being the casualty.

They taught us how not to fight for what is not ours, how not to dispossess people of their things in an illegal way, how to he contented with what we have, how to be wise and smart.

While growing up, I have been able to see some young and old people fall victim of some bad things because they were not wise enough. Let it be known that there are so many things you can fight for especially when you duly deserve them but here in Africa there are also some other things you should be careful in fighting for if you want to live long.

However, in this article we will be shedding more light on three (3) vital things you must learn not to fight for if you ever want to live long in life.

1. Women

Sometimes when i see people who fall into this category i begin to wonder what the motivating factor is.

Why would you fight someone because of a woman? If a woman loves you and want you then she will see that fact and choose you but not to the extent of you fighting another man because of a woman.

Let the truth be told, every one loves a beautiful and good looking woman yet that does not make you risk your life to such a thing by engaging in a tussle with someone else.

In Africa, this kind of a thing is quite dangerous because many people have lost their lives in the process of fighting because of a woman.

It has sent many people to their early grave because you do not know the physical and spiritual capacity the other person has as well as what extent he can go because of the case.

Do not endanger your life, Go out, look for beautiful and single ladies who will accept your proposal and stop putting your dear life at risk.

2. Land And Properties.

We are so guilty of this particular point in Africa and i believe it is lack of vision and capacity that makes us do that.

Land, houses, cars and all this flashy things are all vanity even though they are important part of life. If you die, will you go with the car or land and property you are fighting for?

While growing up, i have seen cases of where people especially family members started threatening themselves because of properties which was probably left behind by a deceased.

A brother can harm his sister, sister can harm her brother, uncle can harm his cousins and nephews, mother can harm her children just because they want to the be the one in charge of such property.

It is very wrong. Why do you have to put yourself in danger zone for what is not yours in the first place.

You are a human being, hale and healthy, strong, Hardworking so you can work hard and get these things with your own money rather than fighting for it.

Someone who has vision for the future should know that fighting for all these is just a waste of time. If you deserve it then they will hand it over to you and if they feel you do not deserve it, leave and work hard for your own.

Fighting to secure a property especially with family members or outsiders can endanger your life, that of your wife and kids if you are married.

Families can harm you when it comes to who will be in charge of a property. Work for your own and earn a living for yourself.

To avoid calamity, please desist from fighting people because of one or two properties.

3. Age / Who Is Older.

This one is even very common among some parents in Africa. A white man or woman does not care if you are older than him or not, all what he want is a good life for him or herself.

Many people are so fond of bragging about who they are and how old they are in front of people they know and even outsiders. If you are older than someone, would that add money to your bank account at all?

Let this be known that you do not know the mind of whom you are arguing with because after a little disagreement the next thing you do is to brag by saying “are my your mate”?

It is very wrong. It is not possible that you have friends or neighbours who are of the same age with you so when it comes to this you have to accept some things which might not sound good to you.

When I was growing up, there is this Lady in the neighbourhood of whom was 3 months older than me according to our parent but the mother always want me to address her as ” Aunty”.

Of course myself and this lady grew up, attended the same school, were in the same class and we never had issue not until her mother started bringing up the issue of age between us. Anytime my mother plan to wade into the matter I’ll just plead for her to stop and not engage in war of words with her.

After that, for so many years the matter continued like that until one day a new neighbour of ours noticed it and called the other woman to order telling her to desist from such an act and Instead of making us become enemy, we grew up to become good friends up till date. If that neighbour didn’t correct the issue back then, who knows, we might have harmed one another by now.

Although some people both young and old have lost their lives due to some other factors different from the above listed, yet it is imperative that we use divine wisdom in everything we do in life everyday.

I am not supporting the fact that people should not respect you but always remember that when someone insult you, do not ever attack the person by fighting for who is older

Age is just a number and it is only your achievement that will speak for u.

Don’t go and waste your precious life on things that are vanity, life is too short.

Wisdom is the principal thing, in all thy getting, get Wisdom, get understanding.

Take heed,

I pray we shall not die mysteriously due to our errors.

Have a blessed Tuesday Ahead.

What do you think about the above listed points? Are they valid and do you support it?

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