14 Poisons Killing Marriages

Many spouses have undermined this Poisons That has killed happy families. And is still destroying Marriages.

Below are my 14 Poisons Killing Marriages you should avoid in your marriage!

1) cheating is one of the poison that has killed many Marriages And is still killing marriages, please avoid bringing it into your marriage and stay healthy.

2) lack of trust in marriage is Killing Marriages one’s the foundation of trust is destroyed in any Marriage! That marriage will die.

3) unforgiven spirit is another Poison in marriage, if you can’t forgive your spouse it means that your marriage can never stand.

4) lieing to your spouse is a poison that is not only Killing marriages, but has ended many families happiness.

5) Suspicion, Suspicion is as a result of lack of trusting your spouse! Ones you break trust by lieing to your spouse it will end up in Suspicion avoid suspension because it kills marriage.

6) lack of respect, if you don’t respects your spouse your marriage cannot stand, lack of respect is a poison to any Marriage avoid introducing it in your marriage because it’s a poison.

7) Lack of good communication, if there’s no communication in your marriage your marriage will die! because commication is a life to keep any Marriage.

8)Trying to win an argument in marriage, argument is another Poison spouses must avoid by all means.

10) Hiding secrets from your spouse, from the day you start hiding things from your spouse! That is the day your brought in poison to destroy your marriage.

11) Nagging over little issues, nagging in your marriage is a poison that Destroys the self esteem of your spouse avoid it.

12) insulting your spouse, for no reason should you be engaged in insulting each other that is a poison that can never be healed.

13) laziness is another Poison that kills marriage don’t be idol in your marriage the both spouses should be up and running.

14) being aggressive to your spouse, avoid being aggressive in your marriage because it brings panic and fears to your spouse. and threatens the opinion and the happiness of the Weaker Vessel in your marriage.

Published by Ernest I.

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